Quick! Bring back the padded cell

Well the title says it all :wink:

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Is it sooo bad that the name changed?

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Criminal if you ask me

:man_shrugging: Can’t see the difference if I post in Lounge or Padded Cell.
It’s also probably a topic that should be in the Lounge :slight_smile:

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The world has gone totally bonkers. The padded cell IMHO is an absolute pre requisite

Deja Vu? I thought we’d done this one already?

In short; with the overall mental health of so many having been dealt such a heavy blow in the last couple of years, the humour of calling a room “Padded Cell” wasn’t all that funny any more, so a change was in order - indeed, overdue.

p.s. thread moved to the Lounge. :slight_smile:


Sorry Richard just having a mad half hour. Will get back to victoria mullova and the 6 solo sonatas & partitas


Well good night all I’m retiring to the bedroom

Anyway Mark, it’s quickly, not quick!

Saying quick is quicker than quickly


I’m wrong anyway. I was somehow reading the heading as being bring back the padded cell quick, which of course would be wrong, but as written it’s quite right. So in my case it’s Quick! Clean your glasses you fool.


I think the title was edited

I think going from “Padded Cell” to “Lounge” was a bit of an own gaol.

I’ll get me coat…


I think the title has been changed! My initial reaction when I first saw the thread yesterday was the same as yours.

Yes you are right HH. The thread was created during my mad half hour probably just after an interesting day and after wine ‘o’ clock.

Hurrah, I don’t need new glasses after all.

My interest in this topic has quickened.

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Simply call it the therapy room and all are catered for. :nerd_face:


Or a padded cell within the lounge. Problem solved :rofl:

I was just thinking…

Does a room with over done acoustic treatment resemble a padded cell