Qutest, Hugo TT2, Mscaler

Yesterday I added a bunch of clip on ferrites to the USB cable coming out of my Laptop, which goes to the Mscaler. Also I added a few to the power cables of the Mscaler and TT2. I am still using the power supplies that come with the Chord products. Whatever these ferrites are doing, they definitely make the sound fuller, more toe tapping. I am starting to wonder if just getting rid of RF noise is all one needs.
I am not sure if I keep adding more, it will get even better or not, but I have about 20 more sitting there doing nothing.
Are these things doing what shielded, or expensive USB cables do?
I would like to try physically distancing all these components from each other at some point also. Right now the Laptop is about three feet from the Mscaler and TT2, but the Mscaler and TT2 are only a Fraim shelf away from each other.
Gotta love free, or inexpensive upgrades.

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I have quite a bit of space between all my components and especially between the MScaler and TT 2 and the difference was noticeable.


Well I am limited by how far my Wave Storm BNC’s will allow me to seperate them.

I’ve been using the split core clip on ferrites up to the 2.5GHz range on all my digital/DC and Ethernet cables for quite some time. I used to do it in my older houses because of RF and have done so since, mostly out of habit I guess. Not certain they do much, if anything, in my current new home and set up.

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Yes, I was too


When using USB, it’s best to separate the power from the data. A USB splitter that has no power (red wire) but does have ground (black wire) on the data cable and the power only has the red and black wire for power. Connect that power cable to a clean source so it’s no longer taking it from the laptop / music server. That makes a big difference. Either a power bank or something like the Uptone LPS 1.2.

Also, as I’ve discovered recently. Room treatment.

After reading the thread on room treatment, I’ve experimented with that. I received some simple foam panels from EQ Acoustics and waiting on a the larger thicker bass traps. Placing the foam panels at 1st and 2nd reflection points made a big difference in tone and soundstage. The soundstage became significantly deeper and while remaining wide, it was became a lot clearer… more focused.

What I wasn’t expecting was a drop in brightness. It now sounds even fuller but not too heavy. The mids and highs are still there, just very focused. The effect on near field listening was more significant than I was expecting. I think a lot of the high end of the spectrum was reflecting back fast enough to alter both imaging and brightness and now I’m only hearing the sound from the speakers. There is a lot more texture to the music and details that I hadn’t heard before became evident. It’s ben fun over the last few days listening and finding new elements to old tracks.

Anyway, just a thought. You can get some wood and fabric panels that go really nicely in family rooms (art like) rather that the industrial foam look.

One last thing I noticed when playing with DC cables. They are quite prone to picking up noise so careful routing of them away from other wires may help.

If you have DC cables that can be upgraded, try and make or get someone else to make them with Starquad cable. The magnetic field these create because of their configuration makes a big difference as well. The difference between stock DC cable with the Uptone LPS 1.2 and my star quad cable is very obvious. Canare 4S6 unshielded is very good but I’ve also got some Van Damme starquad shielded and unshelled coming out to me to play with.


Thanks for the input Toon, my room is fully treated already. Not sure I am going to go much further with my laptop setup, it is just temporary.

Are you still using your Naim core… how is that fitting into your system?

A headless Roon Rock NUC in a fanless case would be a better option than the laptop. Completely quiet both in terms of audible noise and the software is optimised for audio so will produce less noise over USB as well.

If you stick to 7th Get i3 or i5 you can get them quite cheaply. A full build with case etc should be less than £350 and that will be good for many years and still of use for many years no matter what streamer you get.

Yes I am still using the Core, it is on the bottom shelf of my Fraim, connected to the Mscaler with a DC1 cable. I just hooked up the Laptop to get Radio Paradise while I save up for a Dacless streamer. I have no interest in Roon, so no reason to get a Nuc.

You can see the Core at the bottom of Fraim. I have now moved the Mscaler and TT 2 up a shelf. Here is a view of my listening position with Viscoustics diffusers behind and Wavewood on walls, corners.


Looking very nice… Yeah, as you say, until you add a streamer you’re out of options for streaming the radio etc.

Still waiting on the ISO Regen but I’ll let you know what it’s like when I get it. If it is good, then I’ll probably add a UltraRendu as well for completeness in terms of streaming. I don’t really want to add a larger box for that side of things and the UltraRendu would probably be paired with a LPS-1.2 as well. Time will tell.

Edit… @NO-QUARTER I’ll not be getting the ISO Regen from my mate for a while now… dam. I do have an order for one with Vortexbox but that’s delayed and touch and go as to whether I’ll get it before I have to go away on business. If it does, I’ll let you know how it works out!

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how do you manage the music files in your Core?

Thank you in advance,

Happy new hifi day!


I use the Naim App on my Ipad.

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Hi @dayjay nice simple system you have there, I don’t know the Chord Electronics range very well, has the Ultima replaced an existing Chord amp product or does it fit in between existing?

Seems to be gaining popularity in these parts. :0)

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Excellent… must be great swapping it over to your very own Ultima :blush:

Does it sound much different from the run in demo version?!?

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To be honest at the moment it sounds ‘bigger’ with more base. If it needs to burn in I’ll be surprised as it sounds just as good as the loaner from cold

Bonus… great that you don’t have a few weeks with sub par sound compared to the loaner. Just a case of feet up and enjoy the music then :+1:t2:

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Apparently it replaces the SPM 1050 MK II although I’ve no idea what the SPM was like as I haven’t heard it

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How wonderfully simple and compact. Lovely.

A few years ago, I did have a casual listen to a Chord system based on the SPM amplifier range at a dealer.

Whilst I was having a play, the dealer was trying to persuade me that a few of his former Naim owners had ‘upgraded’ to Chord Electronics. My impression was, “Well you would say that wouldn’t you!” Maybe one day :0)

Happy listening.

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