Radikal 2 demo

Hopefully of interest to those of us combining Naim with LP12s - I heard a demo on Sat of Radikal 1 vs Radikal 2, Linn’s new top-spec power supply.

Two middle level decks (Kore, Akito, Krystal) one using Radikal 1, the other Radikal 2. Demo at What You See and Hear, Beaconsfield, Bucks.

Very impressed in both sound solidity, clarity, soundstage and lowering of background noise. Decay on snare drums noticeable as was improved bass detail. The difference was not subtle.

New, it’s not cheap but existing Radikal 1 owners can upgrade without paying the full price, I was told (around £1800 iirc). Well worth an audition.


my dealer has them on demo also, just fitted Keel so budget spent for this year, but looking forward to hearing the Rad 2

at present I have Ackuate on my LP12 - having heard the diverance on both - Kilmax I hope in the future

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Thanks for posting your feedback, very useful.

I’ve had my Akurate Radikal for less than a year but like Antz my LP12 budget has been used up this year.

Did you feel a bigger jump in either the Ackuate or Klimax Radikal or I imagine they are both similar in improvement?

Can’t comment Andy as only heard the comparison on Akurate Radikals. Logically however if it sounded great at this level, which it did, Klimax level would be even better.

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Are these demos using a Linn phono stage ( Urika ) or is the Radikal just powering the LP12 ? I’m just using mine as power supply for the deck and wonder how much difference the upgrade would make.

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I will let you know - I am using Urika 1 with my system which I had fitted at the same time as Radikal

Prev to that I was Lingo 4 which was a lovely PSU - Rad and Urika combo went up a few tiers

Hi Blacksheep. In my case the LP12 was connected to a MC Lejonklou Entity phono stage, then into Linn’s new Klimax DSM streamer acting as a preamp and out to some large active Linn floorstanders, maybe Klimax?

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Thanks for the replies,looks like I need a demo myself.

Any pictures of a Radikal 2? Is it changes inside or has the casework changed too?

Changes to motor (replaced) and inside the case as Radikal 1 can be upgraded to Radikal 2. I think there’s a sticker added similar to Naim adding a DR sticker to cases after that upgrade

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Does anyone know if the stated price (for new/upgrade) includes the installation of the motor etc, i.e. a dealer opening-up the deck etc,.

…just wondering if some will add a labour charge for this (as was the case with the Karousel upgrade)?

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Seems to be left up to the dealer. Some will and the better ones…will not.
BTW, i am a little surprised that Linn left the Radikal casing alone, particularly after they had changed the casing design on a few of their new products…as an example, their server. Probably that casing will be left for a future upgrade of the Radikal2 to Radikal 3 or ? — makes sense to me for them to do this!

I wasn’t aware of the LP12’s Radikal 2 having been launched until reading it on a forum - I think here somewhere :upside_down_face: I’ve decided to not just do the upgrade but change over from the Akurate to the Kilmax chassis.

Just paid a deposit to Peter @ Cymbiosis so will post the results of the upgrade in the near future.

Has anyone had the upgrade or switched from the Akurate to Klimax and if so what are your opinions?

Cheers Pete

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I had a brief dem in less than perfect circumstances but heard no difference. This was with the original Radikal, not the new one. I am very happy with my Akurate Radikal but agree that the Klimax looks lovely.

That said, most do claim they hear an improvement.


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I’m thinking about the same thing. Will be interested to hear any experiences also.

Maybe you could ask on the Linn Forum….

But seriously - already a thread on this; maybe @Richard.Dane could do the honours and merge


I get the strangest feeling of deja vu

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There is a broad consensus on the Linn Forum that the Klimax case makes for a big improvement Clare. I am willing to accept that it does, I just didn’t hear it myself.

The interest is with NAIM users who put their LP12 through NAIM kit rather than Linn electronics. Thanks Richard I missed the other thread :upside_down_face:

When I bought the Radikal several years ago I wasn’t given the option of hearing both. I just thought the Klimax was made to fit in with other Linn kit, and the Akurate was a deeper box which looked better with my Naim boxes. I now understand the difference in build quality and construction. Doing part ex for the Klimax and taking into consideration the cost of the upgrade kit alone, I won’t be too much out of pocket moving from one to the other and I’ve been assured the Klimax is better

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