Radio Paradise - is it just me?

I’ve noticed RP has really gone off the boil of late - very repetitive and a lot of annoying grating music. It used to be so good and really eclectic and I’d listen to it for hours. I know it’s free but I used to donate fairly regularly but really dont have the urge anymore. The Mellow Mix is ok but the main mix not so much. Is it just me?

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RP is, as they say here, a crapshoot. Occasionally brilliant, but never for more than about six songs at a time. And occasionally unlistenable.

Of course, what counts as brilliant for me is unlistenable for someone else. And vice versa.

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Listen to Radio Caroline instead. :sunglasses:


Know what you mean, but a quick switch to Mellow/Eclectic or Rock generally comes up trumps. Picking playlists must be tricky for RP, but I think they generally do a good job.
I once got my all-time rock top 10 played on local radio in the early 80’s … Scorps, Maiden, Rainbow etc. My dad thought it was ‘a bloody racket’ … I still play some of his Sergio Mendes vinyl even now, lol.


To answer the OP, yes it’s just you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: