Radio Paradise - is it just me?

I’ve noticed RP has really gone off the boil of late - very repetitive and a lot of annoying grating music. It used to be so good and really eclectic and I’d listen to it for hours. I know it’s free but I used to donate fairly regularly but really dont have the urge anymore. The Mellow Mix is ok but the main mix not so much. Is it just me?

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RP is, as they say here, a crapshoot. Occasionally brilliant, but never for more than about six songs at a time. And occasionally unlistenable.

Of course, what counts as brilliant for me is unlistenable for someone else. And vice versa.

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Listen to Radio Caroline instead. :sunglasses:


Know what you mean, but a quick switch to Mellow/Eclectic or Rock generally comes up trumps. Picking playlists must be tricky for RP, but I think they generally do a good job.
I once got my all-time rock top 10 played on local radio in the early 80’s … Scorps, Maiden, Rainbow etc. My dad thought it was ‘a bloody racket’ … I still play some of his Sergio Mendes vinyl even now, lol.


To answer the OP, yes it’s just you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Never listened to Radio Paradise, but I used to be a big Planet Rock listener. It would go on when I got up and I listen all day.
Used to hear a lot of great new music alongside all the great oldies from every generation of rock.
Then Bauer Media got hold of it and after a couple of years you got the same playlist day in day out. Non stop ‘Dial 4 Dollars’ style competitions, an increase in advertising etc, etc…
It was no longer the radio station I enjoyed and I haven’t listened to it since.
If I need radio these days it’s always Classic FM🤷🏻‍♂️

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Likewise Planet Rock was regular listening for me, but like you I went off it,
Bauer Media have a lot to answer for IMHO they went on a buying spree in 2019/20 acquiring A number of ‘’local’ radio stations run by UKRD rebranding them Greatest Hits Radio (and the Area covered).
Earlier this year they withdrew All Bauer Radio stations from aggregator - Bauer Media dropping Internet Radio Aggregator streaming

Back on track must give Radio Paradise another listen - tried it once or twice (Rock stream) but I got lost in Qobuz

Last time I listened to Planet Rock, “Ricardo” Wakeman used to present, if not mistaken, a Friday evening programme. It did use to be light entertainment and just a bit of a laugh. :sunglasses:

Those days are long gone mate…:face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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Got an email this morning from RP with a link to its new website where there’s info and announcements about its new and upcoming revisions, makes an interesting read. Apparently the main mix has been extensively revitalised and the other ones will follow soon with new personnel doing the music curation, also Bill is now William whatever that’s about and Rebecca has retired!


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