Radio Paradise (real) FLAC stream

Apparently RP are now trialling a real FLAC stream, as opposed to the playlist-style thing their app does.

It’s here -

I don’t seem to be able to get it to work with my 272 by adding it via vtuner. But perhaps others may be able to figure out how to be more successful?

I’ve not tried using vTuner - but the stream works with Roon (Internet Radio). I know they’ve had lots of issues with the stream being “reliable” enough. I have been using it a couple of times and its started to cough and splutter. If you go onto the RP forums Bill has restarted the service a few times (there is an open topic), to resolve, so I think it’s very early days. Also no metadata either, just the music, so to speak.

Yes RP FLAC works well here on Roon, and puts up the RP logo on my NDX2 screen. Agree no meta data yet… The audio sounds somewhat compressed as well… perhaps as you would expect for radio.

I’m glad you said that. I just tuned into it a few minutes ago, underwhelming sound quality for me.

No idea on the Source being used, but it’s certainly outputting FLAC in 16-44 :=) even if it’s coming from an AM radio hahaha - just kidding.


Works well with Roon. I added url to Vtuner but there was no drop down for flac as stream type so it does not stream, tried OGG and MP3 but no joy.

I checked if JB Radio 2 flac was listed in Vtuner to compare setup but only MP3 stream shows.

I thought SQ was ok, not as full maybe as 320k but I have long suspected some DSP applied there.


Well, I tried it on the Pi running Volumio which I use for airplay. And it’s working just fine, and I think sounds a touch better than the standard 320 iradio stream.

If there were a way of making it work as a proper iradio input station on the likes of my 272, though, I suspect it would sound a good chunk better because of using the internal streamer, not going via a coax lead and so on.

It’s looking like a successful test. If it can somehow be made to play natively on Naim streamers, all the better.

Can this be used with a SuperUniti?

You could use the existing Radio Paradise FLAC streams into a SU, or any of the previous generation of Naim streamers, in a number of ways. You can connect an iPhone to the USB input, and play it through that. If you run LMS on a computer or NAS, there is a RP plugin that will play into a Naim streamer.

Ok, thanks. I figured that using a USB connection would lose the gains from FLAC versus using the 320K iRadio input. Is this not the case?

Perhaps if there was a URL available to play the FLAC stream natively, it would be better, but there isn’t, so you can’t make a direct comparison with the 320 stream. If I’m honest, I thought the original FLAC stream was better than 320, but not a huge improvement, which was a little disappointing. Certainly not in the same league as the BBC Radio 3 FLAC trial, which sounded very good indeed.

I agree, not trying to make a direct comparison, just observing the USB is a limiting factor. The 320k RP iRadio stream sounds really good on my SU. My understanding of this format is limited so I don’t understand why we can’t get a FLAC RP stream via the iRadio input. Are there any FLAC radio stations that can be accessed through the iRadio input?

With the Blue node 2I, Paradise is nowhere near CD or Qobuz quality. Sorry

I use the RP web player for flac which is excellent. I access it on the browser in my Qnap nas which feeds the Nova via the TV. I also get to view the RP slideshow which is always good and frequently stunning!

Yep I noticed it lacking dynamic range and it does not sound that much better then the lossy version to me. But works flawlessly so far in Roon.

Wow, I didn’t realize I could use a browser on my QNAP.

Do I need to have an additional connection for that input or would it just play through the UPnP input?

Browser in your NAS? How’s that work?

Not sure what this …?
But Apple TV has an RP app which I feed into my 52.
So I get full screen slide show and Flac.
It keeps visitors amused anyway …

My Qnap TS251 has a facility called HD Station which can run a number of media apps as well as a browser - I use Chrome. It also has an HDMI output which I run into my TV which acts as a monitor thus the NAS is pretty much a fully functional media PC. It also acts as a Roon server and runs Asset.

Hi - see above