Radio Paradise superb sound

I’ve been owning NDX2 since March and have been mainly listening to Tidal. Just recently, thanks to this great forum, I discovered Radio Paradise in Naim HD radio flow.
Wow, I am absolutely speechless (I can write though). What a great music mix and superb sound quality! Much, much, much better than the Tidal sream or my CD player. I have never heard my system play so musical, beautiful and deep sound. I wonder what’s the magic? I am afraid I will never bother to listen anything else. I sort had a plan to uppgrade my interconnects, but right now I just do not see any reason to…
Sure enough, I donated them immediately just for the sound quality.


Completely agree. Superb sound and I’m a fan of the World and Eclectic Mix. I have donated too.

I have Groove Salad on when I can’t choose something for myself. It is also pre set one on the kitchen Qb2. Another cracking station.

It’s a great station - helped by the fact that their taste in music overlaps quite a bit with mine. I have donated every month for five or six years. Nothing more relaxing than connecting up and discovering new music and/or enjoying well known favourites. With RP and, more recently, Amazon HD (replacing Deezer,I have everything I need for less than £20/month - all at CD or better quality.

Guess that the bitrate helps a lot. Great station. Groove Salad, Chez Watt, Penguin Classic are too.

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Also a RP fan with a monthly DD set up, mostly World and Electic for me, sometimes dipping in to their main mix.

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Mellow mix for me! Still listening on NDS so can’t get this HD version - sounds like it’s sounding good!

Yes, RP 320k is my daily work music.

Although, I would add a little annoying that it is so good, one can’t seem to go off piste often enough to experience all those other amazing internet stations around the world.

And a good source for new music.

I stream RP every night from my I-pad to my Air pod-pro’s at work. I am not sure I am getting the HD stream, just coming from the App, but it sounds excellent. Mainly, I listen to the World and eclectic mix, but also swap around to the other mixes from time to time.
No streamer at home right now, sold my NDS a while back.
Does anyone know if the HD streams are Naim exclusive, or do other streamers also get the better resolution streams?

Most streamers should allow you to manually enter a URL for a radio stream I would think. Auralic does in their LDS app. The Bubble upnp app for Android does too.

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They publish the URLs for all the streams on their website so any device should be capable of using them

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RPs apps have had lossless streams for quite some time, on iOS they use ALAC rather than FLAC. You won’t need to muck about with URLs.

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I use RP Mellow Mix - love it
My 01 gathering dust since the hi def radio available on my ndx2/xpsdr.
Don’t think I’ll sell the 01 …such a classic.
If my internet goes out then can still use 01

Another (contributing) fan of RP here.
I often use the cache feature in the IOS app to fill up using Flac and then use it a source for either the car bluetooth or AirPods / Bose (when using the lawnmower) for gardening. Probably Flac not really required for bluetooth connection.

Great source of music, also stream Flac through Sonos or Roon so high quality too.

Roon and RP are a great combination, any track you like can be investigated in Qobuz/Tidal then added straight to your library.


How do I find the HD version of RP in the Naim App? Right now I just see the AAC 44.1 / 320kbps

Hi Bart, click the Internet Radio button in the app. It takes you to a list of radio station options. Select Hidef Radio. Scroll through to the RP station list. Mike

Thanks for that info Chris, so in the App (I-pad), when I hit that little gear cog thing, I should choose ALAC as the best option?
I get the option of Low Med High Ultra or ALAC. Is ALAC CD quality, or High res, like you get with the new Naim streamers?

Can you explain what the Cache feature does please? Does it store music so you can play it later or something?
I just was playing around with the App, and discovered I can cast the music playing on my iPad to my LG television too, cool.

Yes, they tried FLAC first but couldn’t get it working reliably on their app, so they used ALAC instead. It’s still lossless, so that’s the one to use.

Hi mfin99, after clicking the Internet radio button, I don’t see the Hidef option, I see this screen. Where am I going wrong here.