RadioParadise Flac Streams not working

For 2 days I cannot get the Flac streams to work. They were fine earlier and Radio JB2 Flac is working fine at present.
I have a SU and Ist-gen Muso.

They’re working fine for me. How are you using them with your 1st gen. Naim gear?

Working on my UQ through Minimserver.

I have a playlist file on my minimserver and i used the guide that Adrian put together last year.
All was working fine but now only JB Radio2 stream is working.

Does the url from your playlist work if you just put it into a browser?

Yes - if i paste the url into my browser all is fine.

Just not working through Minimserver and my SU.
I think its a transcoding issue.

I have transcode set to flac:wav,*:L16 on Minimwatch and its been fine for a year, but maybe it needs to be changed…

This is my file.


#EXTINF:-1,[RP] Radio Paradise FLAC

#EXTINF:-1,[RPMellow] Radio Paradise Mellow Mix FLAC

#EXTINF:-1,[JBRadio2] JB Radio2

#EXTINF:-1,[RPRock] Radio Paradise Rock Mix FLAC

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Still working fine for me using essentially the same .m3u file. Your transcode setting is correct.

Has something else changed in your config? Where are you running MinimServer/Streamer? Can that machine see

I’ve been having issues for the last several days getting the RP FLAC streams to cue up from my playlist (.M3U file) as well. I have the playlist saved in my favorites in the Naim app and when I attempt to play the RP Flac station it will skip over them and play JBR2 or Naim Radio instead. If I navigate through the UPnP menu to the minimserver then playlist folder it seems to respond better but it’s hit or miss as well. It seems like it’s Naim app or server related but I can’t say for sure. This is a recent phenomenon.


I have MinimWatch on my laptop. The RP URL works if paste it into my laptop browser.
Minimserver is on my Synology NAS.
I am not sure how I can test if the NAS can see…?

I have not made any changes in the last year to my config.

Thanks for your help!

I can’t recall the last time I updated minimserver so I was going to check and make sure I have the latest version.

I just added the ChillOutZone FLAC stream to my file.
#EXTINF:-1,[ChillOutZone] Chill Out Zone FLAC

and this plays fine so this is looking more like a problem specific to RadioParadise FLAC streams. No idea what is causing it.

I have that station as well and it works fine. I’m not on my mac at the moment so I don’t have my radio stations file. I’ll post it later.

I just updated my iPhone to the latest iOS and the RP FLAC stations played on the first try now. I’m currently updating my iPad Pro as well.

Very strange… RadioParadise Flac streams are all working again!!
No idea why as other than checking my settings I didn’t make any changes.
Technology huh…
Thanks to AdrianP, Elmarko, GavinB, ChriSU for replying. Its a great forum.

Since they updated their streaming to use Rocketbroadcaster that can add metadata RP streams have been very unstable, more so in some countries than others. I had issues for a while using other sources as well as Roon for this and they drop out quite frequently. Some days it’s fine others not.

That would appear to be the cause, CG. Thanks for the info.

Interesting, so is there a way to get this meta data streaming with .m3u file from minimserver??

You have to use the metadata stream in the file you can find them on RP site. No idea if it works with minimserver I don’t use it.

It’d be great if it did, but I doubt it somehow. I suspect the Naim app would just pick up the info of the playlist (which is static).