Random re-boot

Hi all just had a random reboot on my uniti atom firmware is the latest,ait also happened about five days ago,any one else having the same?

It’s a known issue. If you read any thread about the current firmware, you will see that. Naim is working on a fix currently. Shouldn’t be too long I think.


It may still be worth contacting Naim support.

The last release (3.6.0) fixed many reboot issues for many effected systems; it not all. Seems there’s also „rare cases/setups/…“.
Best road to ensure Naim can fix these is to let them know hat they are happening and under which circumstances. (E.g. model in use, setup, how you are listening to music, when it happens.)

There is of course a good chance, the next release will include a fix for „your situation“.

Since that is the message since roughly August of last year, i don’t think we should say that anymore…

It was much worse though and most have been fixed, the poll in the 3.6.0 firmware thread seems to show this too. I also had no reboot since 3.6.0

See this thread, it is long but go to the end and scroll up for the latest status

Since there are still reports about reboots (albeit less than before), and the problem started about 1 year ago, i just think we shouldn’t tell anyone to expect a fix ‘soon’. It might come soon but it might not, it’s not predictable. There is no need to be overly optimistic…

Point taken :slight_smile:

You can say what you like. I say what I believe to be true.

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