Recent Connection Issues

I have a UnitiQute2 running 4.8.00.

Very recently I’m having connection issues and problems steaming from Tidal and my NAS, when I select a track in Tidal Connect it sits and says ‘connecting, please wait’ on the app nothing happens sometimes ‘stopped’ will appear then the track will play after a delay. Often the track stutters and stops and starts and is unlistenable, connection to stop playing between app and Uniti lags terribly. When using my DS214Play to stream I also get connection issues, the app failing to find the Uniti over and over again asking me to turn Bluetooth on (it is on) then I establish connection, it plays but then drops its connection and over and over again the app will not see the Uniti. I do have ‘stay connected’ on in settings.

My connections are wired and a speed test on the cable going to the the Uniti gives approx 200mbs on average. Internet radio seems unaffected.

Any thoughts on where to look next greatly appreciated. Thank you

Hi Simon. It seems to be a general problem with Tidal and the 1st generation of Naim streaming devices. I’ve reported it to Naim support, furnished them with some test results as requested and they are looking in to it. This thread has the other reports we have here, and if Naim share info with me I’ll share it there. Tidal not behaving…… - #142 by WRivers1987

The app connectivity issue is new to me, I’m not seeing it and I’m not sure I’ve seen it in the other thread.

Ah thank you, just had a look at the thread, I’d noticed that the files being served were now showing as FLAC and at different bit rates. I was expecting to see some kind of update to Tidal Connect given an email I’d had from Tidal when they were promoting the changes to stream to maximum quality. I’m running the top teir of Tidal too, but this wouldn’t explain the NAS issue though :frowning:

The Tidal email noted ‘HiRes FLAC is only available on iOS, Android, Web, and Desktop. TIDAL Connect and Sonos support are coming later this year’

I’ve just tried desktop Tidal to stream to my AirportExpress and then in to the Uniti, Tidal behaves as normal and plays the new higher res files.

Incidentally my apologies, I called you Simon and have now noticed I misread your user name.

No problem, I am Simon in reality, just too many of us hence the ‘123’ and I messed up typing when I registered!


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