Tidal not behaving……

Just stumbled across this and relieved to see others have the same issue I experienced at the weekend - on Tidal track halts at 11 secs, for a few secs then gets going and stops again at 27 secs etc. My son said ‘its buffering Dad, leave it for a few mins’ which I did but still endless stop/start. Played same track from Spotify and all good, but not the same quality. So I thought must be having trouble with the file size on Tidal. Anyway, went over to CDs instead. Am away this week and switched it all off before I left so hope that with a week off it will all come back to normal life next weekend. Hoping its just a Tidal glitch and not an NDX glitch - already had that with the UnitiServe which is now redundant hence my move to streaming! If its a bigger issue I will be out of Naim digital kit and just retain the amps.

No statement from Naim yet?

was just wondering the same.

@Richard.Dane - is the streaming team aware of the issue??

They are, as said above I’ve been in contact with support and have been sharing information and tests from my side with them, they are working on it.
As and when they give me any updates I can share with you I will keep this thread updated.



Could play musical chairs with this issue

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I am having exactly the same problem with Tidal and my 272.

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First post here so please be gentle on me !

I Signed up to the forum as also having tidal issues (272) and wanted to see if I was on my own, or not. Latter appears to be the case.

So I can stop messing with routers, network etc. good to know.

I note we all seem to be posting comments, but do / should I expect a reply on here from Naim ?
If so what post number was it ?

And if these treads are being monitored,
then come on Naim, please can we have better customer service.

would it not make good sense to be proactive and email users, registered Naim owners, forum users etc a note to say there appears to be issues with Tidal, and they are working on it ?
Perhaps canvass opinion with a select few to see if it’s limited to a few, or the masses ?

And consider updates to keep us informed ?

I’m just suggesting better communication to customers could help / quell frustration
Plus proactive support beats what appears to be “a hope someone reacts / raises a ticket”

Thoughts anyone ?
Community or Naim ?



Pete welcome to the forum. If you look a few posts above yours, @Eoink has kindly posted an update.

Naim will be working on this, when they have something to say I am sure we will be informed.
Likely they are running their own tests and then communicating with Tidal, to ascertain a resolution.
It seems from other posts, Tidal have likely made changes, which has also affected other manufacturers.
Frustrating for all of us using Tidal on first gen streamers, but Naim remain committed iirc, to supporting as many earlier products as possible.

To avoid any confusion, since you have just joined us, Eoink and I, with a number of others, are members of the beta testing. We are required to respect Naim’s condition that we do not discuss further, what transpires. Eoink will no doubt update as promised in due course.

Hi, I have an update from Naim on the case I raised. The team has reproduced the fault, identified it as a Tidal issue causing problems with 1st gen streamers and are actively collaborating with Tidal to sort it.


Dear all: While we’re waiting to hear from Naim about this streaming thing, which is lagging, still has gaps in the music. The various radio stations… Is it just me who thinks that streaming at 128 kb/s and above sounds surprisingly good? Right now I’m listening to The Jazz Groove, highly recommended. Other radio stations such as Radio Paradise 320 kb/s … are also with an amazingly detailed and high-resolution sound, with a bottom in the deep bass… at the same time, there is a lot of new music out there that I did not know I will have to invest in later. Because if it sounds this good on these radio stations, you can’t go wrong with CD quality… happy listening to everyone


This is clearly not a beta testing issue, so while someone may have used those lines of communication to alert Naim to the problem (which in fact they were already aware of as people had contacted Naim support in the normal way) I can see no reason for secrecy over issues that regular non-beta users are experiencing.

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And there should be an official statement on this. Problem exists since Thursday last week.

And there is no secrecy. Which is why I relayed what Naim told me this morning is the current status.

If something went into a Beta test then I’d be bound by the NDA unless Naim gave me approval to post (which realistically would be done via Richard Dane I think), as I think this is a Tidal-end issue I don’t see that it is likely to require anything that needs beta testing.

So you’re not being kept in the dark Chris. I’d imagine I’ll have no further updates as it’s company-company interaction now with a reproducible issue and the fix is likely to be rolled out at the server end. If there are I’ll share as before.

Of course - you’ve already shared your response from Paul above, so I’m not suggesting that anyone is in the dark. I’m just pointing out that this is not restricted by the beta group NDA as it’s nothing to do with beta testing, at least not yet.

I just verified with my brother who owns an ND5 XS. He says Tidal has been unplayable for the past week. :frowning:

I’m still streaming some stuff ok-ish - longer gaps between tracks - on my Uniti2. I’m just trying to make sure that the album is standard CD quality on the Tidal app before trying to tee it up on the Naim app. I still hear music, what’s not to like!

Many network fault finding hours out there now and no official statement. I find it weird really. It would help thousands of people just saying this is an issue right now so they don’t have to spend their time trying to solve something they cannot.

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@Blackbird I’m not from Naim, just an affected user, but I am givingthe information Naim shared with me (I raised the first ticket, so they liaised with me to get some scans to help their diagnosis while reproducing it in-house) with their full consent to post here.


Doing a brill job👍