Recommend your favourite Record & CD Stores

Libreria Reciclaje in Granada Spain.

It’s my favourite Spanish record shop on account of its the only one I’ve managed to find that’s still open. They have a very nice prog rock section but you really need to have a good look at the record before buying. Some of them are completely trashed. I bought three records and a cd today which look to be in good nick but will need a good wash when I get them home.


Tierra soñada por mí
Mi cantar se vuelve gitano
Cuando es para ti

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From Vinylfinders - Opening soon!

“A music lover’s nirvana. New and used vinyl, CDs and music memorabilia. Collected over 50+ years of loving music! Owned and run by music mad aficionado Paul, a stalwart of the UK Hi-Fi industry for half a century.”

Paul apparently retired from Rega recently and opens at 7 Wesley Street, Southport in February.

Should be well worth a visit. Don’t miss out on Quicksilver Music as well. An excellent record shop just opposite the market.


Red Eye Records York St Sydney, the only decent place left that I’m aware of.



Yes, I’ve been looking forward to Paul’s new venture opening soon, and more so as it’s only a short drive away. Given his vast record collection and database like knowledge of music, i’m sure there’ll be quite a few gems in them thar racks.


I’ve only just caught up with Paul’s new venture. I’ll be getting the car out for sure when he opens.

Can someone recommend a good second hand record/CD stores in the Netherlands?

Not quite the Low Countries, but Mrs Ebor and I have just come back from Hay-on-Wye with quite a few books and a few CDs. Although it’s best known for its s/h bookshops, the few music shops that are hanging on there are pretty good:

  • Hancock & Monks: huge s/h CD collection, mostly classical, some rock & jazz
  • Haystacks: loads of vinyl, quite a lot of CDs, mostly rock/pop
  • Tom’s Record Shop: almost all vinyl

For those passing through Helsinki, the various branches of Levykauppa are a favourite haunt of mine.

This is the branch next to the Tavastia venue in Kamppi. Posted this as they most enterprisingly had all of their stock of Ben Granfelt’s CDs on a table outside when he did his 60th birthday gig at Tavastia last summer. Acquired most of the old Guitarslingers and Gringos Locos CDs and some obscure solo albums at a very reasonable price.