Recommend your favourite Record & CD Stores

Yep in the week his son does the shop and Saturday kev does it and Nelson is shut .
I saw Kev on Tuesday took him home (on the bus ) he said you had popped in . I tried today to go and have a mooch but it’s been murder with floods around the area so it never happened.

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You would probably find Van der Walk in that shop!

I was sad to see online just now that Roger Hewland, the proprietor of Gramex, that unique second hand classical CD shop in London, died on Thursday 12th. October 2023. Visits to the shop and chats with Roger were a highlight of my visits to London until the shop in Lower Marsh near Waterloo Station finally closed it’s doors in 2017. There are some sympathetic write ups online about the experience of visiting Gramex.


I remember talking with Roger in the shop. Sad news - RIP.

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In Eastbourne for the afternoon, about to head to Vinyl Frontier. Coffee on me if anyone is about. Recommendations for any of the other local stores gratefully received!

If you’re in Brussels, head towards the Sablon and seek out Circle Story, a small but excellent shop with very reasonable prices. Brussels’ biggest record store, Caroline (opposite L’Ancienne Belgique) is still good but rather pricey these days.


Image probably taken by the proprietor…

I’ve been in here a couple of times. Located in Rochester High St, it is a small store selling vinyl only. They have a turntable set up for prospective purchasers, and, earwigging on a conversation by the owner, I think he is quite fastidious about what he puts out for sale.

They also have a Nakamichi DT600 and a Pioneer A400 on passive display as a nice touch.


I used to live in Brighton. It’s great for record shops, second-hand and new. I live in Cornwall now, so it’s not much of a choice.

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A Northampton institution that was! I bought my first record(s) there. Mikey Dread’s African Anthem LP iirc. Was living about 100 meters away in a flat on Abington Sq at the time!

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Beat down records - Newcastle Upon Tyne
Minster records - Beverley
spin it - Hull

All of the above excellent for used vinyl. Minster in Beverley is a particular favourite. I always manage to find something of interest every time I visit.

For those who happen to be in Milano -

Metropolis Dischi.


that looks fantastic

Latest from the excellent Tubeway2 records Bridgnorth. Mix of vgc 2ndhand and new Who.


What’s the Honeydrippers like @BobF ?

I had an offer from a seller, but haven’t heard the album…

@steviebee not heard it before…it’s good…it’s like RP meets Jools Holland big band.
Bought this morning from what’s becoming a favourite record shop…Tubeway2 Bridgnorth. And only £3. …there was two copies in the rack!

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Thanks Bob…for some reason, I’d thought it might a recording pre-Zep! Wondered why the jazz band pic was on the cover, lol…
I’ll google it and have a listen.

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Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page and Nile Rodgers on guitars.

We are still awaiting Volume 2.


As a teenager I went to Roy Hurst Records in Wigan Market Hall.
Fond memories of saving my money to walk in on Saturday morning and get my next LP which would then be played over and over.
At some point the roof leaked and Roy put up a collection of umbrellas to direct the water away from the stall. He left the umbrellas in place after the roof was fixed.


Didn’t Brian Setzer have a pluck on it too?

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No I don’t think so - but he was in the band for a few live sessions.