Recommendations for extension lead for Naim system?

I have relocated my system (300DR/282-SCDR/NDX2-XPSDR) and as a result the power cables can’t reach the sockets. I will need to use extension leads and wanted to check what is recommended please. Budget about £100-£200.

I already have a Wireworld Matrix 2 and a spare Powerline Lite I could attach to it but not sure whether that is good or not?

PS: Also was wondering how many components can I plug into an extension lead? Dont want to overload them. Anyone can advise please?

PSS: I have heard of Grahams Hydra and looks quite a nice proposition. Anyone have any experience with it?

PSSS: Also heard of Powerigel for Naim but not got a clue where to buy it

@iliria, I recently started a similar thread [Mains distribution blocks etc]

I ended up with a Russ Andrew’s Powerbar S and YellO mains lead which I’m happy with. I think there was a slight uplift in SQ compared to a bog standard extension lead that I had been using.

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For extending your Naim system, you can use the Wireworld Matrix 2 with the spare Powerline Lite attached to it. This setup should work fine within your budget of £100-£200. When using extension leads, make sure not to overload them by plugging in too many components. It’s generally safe to plug in multiple components as long as you don’t exceed the maximum load specified for the extension lead. As for Grahams Hydra, it’s a popular option, but it’s good to hear from someone who has used it firsthand. Powerigel is another option worth exploring, but you might need to do some research to find where to buy it.

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The Hydra is a great solution. You can have the tail made to your requirements. My system used to be on the opposite wall to the dedicated socket, and I used a Hydra with a 5m tail. It was powering a CDS3, 552, 300 system and worked really well. That of course was before the days of PowerLines and £3,000 mains blocks.


I had a 3 headed Hydra for a few years and now a 5 headed version. They seem to work very well


I don’t think you’ve indicated how long an extension is needed. And options might include either longer cables on each unit, or a single extension lead with a multiway block.

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The distance from the socket to the back of hifi is 2.5m so a tail about 3m long should be perfect for it I think.

NAP 300DR, NAC282 + HiCapDR, NDX deserve a decent supply, 300 especially.
I would recommend a cable from the wall to dist board (tail) that is at least 2.5mm/2, more if you can get it, remember the full fat PowerLine is 4mm.

Another vote for the Hydra. They’ll size it to your requirements. Excellent, no fuss no frills performance.


I assume the Hydra is at least 2.5mm?

HH would you happen to know if all my components together are within the 13Amp?

Lets see what HH says, but i doubt they get close to 3A

I don’t think so, I believe they are the same as the original Naim (supplied with) cables for 230v, if so they are 0.75mm.
0.75mm rating is 6amp, significantly more current than most Naim amps draw in normal running.
However add all the rest of your kit, and thinking the 300 especially which has the 4mm Powerline as standard, having a 0.75mm from the wall socket is not my idea of best practice.

The other alternative is make your own, a few on the forum have done so.
I advise only do this is you have the skills & tools.
I have mine built on a MDF board that is made to fit inside the audio rack/cabinet.
Furutech FI-1363 13A plug
H07RN-F 4mm/2
3x MK Unswitched Double Sockets (+ 1x Switched Sockets
Power Socket Assy 2


You could consider getting a sparky in to relocate your wall sockets or run a spur to your new location.


Yes, easily. Like I said, I ran my 555PS, 552 and 300 on a Hydra, so you’ll be fine. People have run six pack systems on them.


Like @Mike-B Said
Best to make to make your own that way you can be sure the proper current rating for load cable can be used.
And the components meet regulation standard for construction. :+1:t2:

MCrU make and sell a range of ready made and kit parts. My upstairs system runs from a well built and quiet four way block.

The 300 comes with a Powerline Lite which uses 2.5mm wiring if I’m not mistaken?

I thought about that but it would be too much of a mess unfortunately.

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