Recommended speaker for Nait 2?

As per title.

I have an old pair of Linn Index mark 1 speakers but they are quite a difficult speaker to drive and don’t really suit the Nait 2.

Anybody got some recommendations for a good (tried and tested) speaker match for a Nait 2 ???

Guru Juniors or Q10s. The Nait is not going to play LOUD and these work really well at low/mid volume. They really boogie well with the little amp.

See anyone not upgrading? thread for photos.

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Apart from Kans, If you can find them…

Royd - Stand mounts such as the Sapphire or Merlin or the little Minstrel floorstanders.

Rega - ELA (Mk1) with the Royd bass unit.


I bought a pair of Kudos X2, they arrive on Wednesday. I have a NAP250 / HC / 62 just serviced in December 2020 and a nait 2 revised in July 2020. I really hope that the nait 2 is a great match for the Kudos so I can sell the rest.

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Royd Minstrels are great on a NAIT. Even SL2s work really nicely so long as you use a top source and don’t push the NAIT too hard.


Keep us informed…

Allaes are stunning on the end of a Nait 2.


Naim nSats also good match, they sing with the nait - if you can find a pair


Indeed. This is the combination I use in the bedroom system.

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Allaes or NSats ?

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I can second the Kudos X2. In the right room they are magic.

Right now I am using Trenner & Friedl Suns with my Nait 2 as a desktop system. They are superb. Pricey, but the best I have used with the Nait. I had both the Suns and the Harbeth P(the latest before the switch to the newest version) for about three months last year and while I have always loved the Harbeths, the Suns were what I kept.

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n-Sats on n-Stands.

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The Sun are 82db, can the nait2 drive them well?

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The Harbeths also require a fair amount of power to get the best out of them.

I usually listen at low levels, but I have had no problem driving the Suns with the Nait 2.


I tried a dozen or more with my Nait 1. Favourites are Kans, ELAs and, depending upon the room and if you need a fuller sound, then Linn Keilidhs. SBLs sounded superb but haven’t had a chance to listen much further.

I think if you’re into heavy rock then its the wrong amp unless you can find some VERY high efficiency speakers.

Not heard the Gurus but would like to. Not heard n-sat, alaes, or x2 either.


Another plug for Trenner & Friedl - I’m currently using their “Dizzy” model (discontinued) with
my Nait 2…superb!

If you want a bookshelf model, I’ve listened to the “Sun” with a variety of low-powered tube amps and they sounded wonderful. Well worth investigating the T&F line if you’re not familiar.

Good luck with your search!

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I second the recommendation for Allaes. I have also had good success with Neat Petites, Tab 10s and Rega RX1, in that order.