Record player for xs3

They are available used on usual sites used in Germany.

Oh used, sure. If used is an option, the DG-1 sure is a contender, like the LP12

I have bought used equipment before. Now all I have is brand new, want to keep it so. Also I want to try out the vinyl thingy. Don‘t know if I‘ll enjoy it. Also have no records :slight_smile:

AVID Ingenium Plug & Play Look very cool

@Ivo what is yoir instinct on this? Do you want something new? Something easy to set up? Or something to tinker with?

Ease of use Rega all the way. Can you demo any turntables?

I went from RP3 to Linn Axis to LP12 in my turntable journey.

I want something cool and exciting looking with grate design, easy to use. I don‘t want to tinker with it, just want to enjoy some music. Mainly electronic stuff, but also rock …. I listen to a lot of things.

I live in Munich, I can demo lots of things. But want to do my research first before wasting anyones time.

I have no issue with used electronics, but more care is necessary with TTs.
Take into account that new records are pricey, but any decent city has good second-hand shops.

You will also want a record cleaning machine, probably this one

I went to demo a Vertere DG-1/Magneto the other week, into my XS3 / Neat speakers. It sounded great, very different presentation to my Systemdek that I had in the same session. I’m not sure there are that many on the s/h market, only one ex demo on eBay for £2650 right now.

It is certainly an exciting looking deck, my Systemdek sounded very smooth in comparison, I think in a rounded off way. I’d say the DG-1 suits your music tastes, and is receiving a lot of press awards. Worth a listen if budget stretches.

Noooo … this is too much …. To involved. :slight_smile: I can just blow the dust of the 5 records I‘ll buy :slight_smile:

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Hah :smiley: - per month if you get into it :wink:

I actually picked a Humminguru up the other week, it’s really easy to use, and certainly cleans records.

I went for years with nothing but a carbon brush, but moved quickly through a manual bath type to the Humminguru, no regrets, 2nd hand vinyl often needs a decent deep clean before use and surprising how much comes off new records too.

Good luck picking a TT

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A 2.5K TT for 5 records seems excessive :slight_smile:
A 400 euro RCM can make more of a difference to enjoyment than 400 more for the player, but of course you can get it later. Like gthack says, the Humminguru is super easy to use

Do I need to do something to isolate the TT from the environment? My sub makes can be a. It powerful in my small room.

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Ideally a HiFi rack of some sort, or a wall mounted shelf. Depending what furniture you already have you might get away with just resting it on top of a unit, but that will also depend on the deck, suspended designs like the Linn likely less affected than more rigid designs like the Rega 6.

What do you have the rest of your gear on?

The DAC/Streamer on my desk. My mac mini is connected to it with usb cable, so I can easily change inputs without the app.

Nait and HiCap is on my old wooden night stand wit two levels. So a unit on every level. The Nait is on top. And all is under the table. :joy: I know … sounds weird and it is.

Speakers are on both side and sub between them.

There is enough space for the TT near the current setup on a different table.

At that price a Clearaudio Concept or Rega 6 , at that price some decent Pro-Jects , but they often come with a MC and for an XS3 you would need a MM input

I don’t know enough about high output MC

In general, yes, to get the best sound. But as always, you can compromise and still get reasonable sound. However, a Rega or other rigid constructions should not be on wonky or resonating furniture. The floor also matters, you don’t want the stylus to jump when you walk. With a concrete floor, on top of a stable rack is ok. A stable wall is best if you can, and nearly required if you have an old, creaky wooden floor

The Regas like to be on a stiff but light base. If you have a stable wall, the Rega wall bracket is ideal and not expensive, but the TT can only be placed in one orientation, so that you face the wall when using the TT. Pro-ject has a range that also works well at a reasonable price and can give a bit more freedom.

I can’t use the Rega bracket because of the orientation issue. This is my solution:

You can use the Sicomin a base on a rack/furniture as well, if the TT is not on a wall shelf. It’s a carbon-kevlar-epoxy base that is very stiff and superlight. Was once a bit legendary but has been forgotten, you can pick them up on eBay Kleinanzeigen for 100-200 usually. (Use them on spikes, not the Audioplan Antispikes they sometimes come with). The slate is about 50-80 on eBay depending on thickness, look for Schiefer and hi-fi.

I wrote about the Sicomin here (and following posts):

If you want something easy, stylish and plug and play with good sound then check out Rega decks. An RP6 or RP8 should be ideal and in price bracket wiyh XS3.

My friend will let me borrow his Rega Planar 2 to see if I like it :slight_smile: then will see :slight_smile:

Big difference between a RP2 and 6. I had the RP3 many years ago. It was pretty good. Good luck with it all !

Sadly this is all I have to work it. But I happy he will let me have it for couple of weeks. I am also getting some records…. So it will be a cool experience.

It will be good enough. Playing records in itself is a fantastic experience and an RP2 will sound great!