Rega goes walnut

Rega have announced a ‘special edition’ of their P1 turntable in walnut effect. These special editions seem to be all the rage but unlike some, it looks rather nice. Maybe more wood finishes, either real or effect, might follow.


That looks like it’s been cobbled together using a piece of unwanted office shelving.

If you’re after a bit of classy walnut and top notch engineering, this is a way better option.


Walnut is one of my favourite woods but I’m a traditionalist and Rega’s should be black!

Speaking of special edition I can’t decide if I like this.
I imagine the novelty would soon wear off.

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Regas do have a lovely simplicity to their designs. I like it.

I find it a bit twee to be honest - and I have a 3 tone sunburst telecaster…

Colabs are just marketing gimmicks when it comes to technical product like Hifi I’m a big believer of from follows function and utilitarian but high quality design.

I don’t like the wooden P1 here for the same reason. Rega to me as a brand represents a pure form follows function, nothing extraneous ethos. My P8 has noting about it that is decorative yet it is still a stunning design due to this prioritisation of function and performance.

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This lady was born in 1978 and is still going strong……


Does walnut effect mean it’s not even real walnut veneer on chipboard? Are we talking some crappy faux wood? It looks sh!t.

Rather than a wood ‘effect’, maybe they could make it with real walnut recycled from old pianos or flooring or something. There is loads of reusable timber out there, beautiful old growth timber with some nail holes and marks. Joint it into a plinth, call it patina, charge 'em a fortune and stop manufacturing crap pretend ‘wood’.


It looks very nice from a distance. If its just faux laminate then it will look worse up close than the regular finish.

Honestly, walnut never goes out of style. Lack of walnut on the P6 is one of the reason I gave it a pass.

Off topic, but still Rega related. Has anyone seen Andrew Robinson’s Youtube review of the Rega System One?
He was not very enthusiastic to say the least.

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I saw part of the problem is that the rega system one is much less of a value proposition in the usa and the other was the speakers. I was glad he gave the io and p1 a chance with other speakers. I do wish importing didn’t make things so expensive. Darko audio website has an article on the new elicit r so im hoping for a video

I’m not sure if I like it, definitely another approach.
Sometime when you see in the flesh its much better looking.

They call it Special Edition, not sure if that makes it more expensive or its just a marketing exercise.
Surely there’s a marked demand for these design thing.

I had one of those. I still think they look very classy.
I upgraded everything ( motor, arm, bearing, platter) so I could keep the classic looks. Eventually swapped for a planar 6 which sounds better, but does look rather low rent in comparison

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Better than the Pro-Ject Metallica edition! (I wonder if that one dials out the bass player as well :joy: )


Alternative to say the least

The Rega website is clear, it is walnut effect in the same “premium” laminate as the standard model. I thought that the Rega design principle with the base models is a composite board with laminate, chosen for price and sound.
My guess would be that the option may be about domestic acceptability, similar to the wood Muso?
Real wood might be better looking, but with the constraints of the factory space might not be practical or economic?

I was making a joke in relation to Metallica suppressing their new-for-a-decade bass player into inaudible territory in their mixes and treating him poorly generally

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Sorry, hit the wrong button, it was a general response to the apparent criticism of effect rather than real timber.
I know a lot is personal taste, much like my dislike of high gloss finishes on wood. High gloss laquer finish as in piano black is ok, but I prefer wood to be “natural”. My first woodworking experience was my father making what he called contemptible furniture. A sheet of plywood, wood effect Formica and ready made contemporary legs. Flat pack coffee tables that he made to order for workmates. Never in our house though, that was always real veneer!

No worries, it may have been a bit obscure :smiley:

Rega is mostly about sound and value as looks and build quality (material used for the construction) usually take a back seat. The limited edition deck would probably cost about £300 thereabouts so no complaints there.

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