Rega P6

I’ve just committed to buy a used Rega P6 it was just too good to refuse it comes out at about the same price I spent on upgrading an old P2 so if it’s better and I suspect it will be then I can sell the P2 for parts.

It doesn’t have a cartridge but I have an AT 150EA and a Goldring 1042 so I’ll try them both and see which one comes out on top.


Then you can start upgrading p6!!


Well the hope is not, I’ve been fiddling around with record players for far too long and I’d like to just clip a cartridge on and go though I may just try the Delrin platter.

Have a P6 for a year now (with ANIA cartridge) and extremely happy with it. Great buy :slight_smile:

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My P6 was posted today it was first purchased ex demo from Oranges and Lemons in June this year and has the tinted lid unused still in it’s original packaging I’ve paid £675 inc postage admittedly it doesn’t have a cartridge but still pretty good value.

As soon as it arrives I’ll post some photos and also my findings on it compared to my upgraded 2000 P2.


For clarity Bob, is this an RP6 or the current Planar 6 that you have bought?


The Planar 6.

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These are pictures from the seller.



Is the platter cracked?

No it’s just the picture, the person I’m buying it from is an extremely trustworthy member of another forum I use and if he says it’s in mint condition then it’s in mint condition.

It comes with a receipt from Oranges and Lemons dated June this year.

Well good then!

Its a really great turntable in the segment. Can’t imagine you’d be disappointed.

Curious on how your cartridges will perform on it.

Haha just realized that line is the reflection of the dust cover edge.

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I’ll let you know.

You certainly have an amazing ability to find a bargain! The P6 is a really super TT.

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I do enjoy hunting down a bargain.

I managed to play a couple of tracks on the P6 last night and I’m very impressed. I have one huge gripe though why do Rega have to make the cartridge tags such a pain to fit, easily the most fiddly cartridge fit I’ve ever done I do have an older model AT cart without threaded holes and perhaps the pins are a bit fatter than Rega’s own carts but all the same a real pain.

A bit soon to make any real comparisons with my existing Rega but with the tracks I played a definite improvement.

Played a few more records on the P6 tonight and I just really like what it does I know it’s never going to have the rock solid pitch of my 1210 but it’s just what I’m looking for at this time simplicity.

My only change might be an Audio Technica VMN 50SH Nude Shibata stylus to go with my AT150 body which at the moment has a Micro Line stylus fitted so along with my Goldring 1042 GX I’ll be sorted for cartridges.

I’d happily keep this record player for the next few years, hassle free and without the desire or need to tweak I think my only change might be if a P8 came along at a price I couldn’t refuse but right now I’m happy Rega have pretty much nailed it with this deck a mid priced, great looking deck that does what it says on the tin.


Glad you like it. Thought you may.

Any reason not to go with a Rega cart as well?

None really I’ve never heard one but I’m pretty stuck on MM’s these days and a change of stylus is a more economical way for me to change cartridges.

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Yeah that’s also true.

Just got the ANIA bolted on when I bought it. But that was not a bargain at all…