Rega Planar 8 Glass Plate

Hello everyone, can you take a look at your Rega Planar 8 to see if it’s so shaky too? Little knocking is enough and it doesn’t lie firmly.

Tolerance issues. I would make a claim against the reseller to get that fixed.

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Mine takes some firmer tapping than yours before it moves/makes a sound. It does however only rest on the six or so “tops” on the inner metal platter, so you can try moving it around a bit and see if it helps. The important thing, however, is that it’s absolutely flat when turning (which mine is). If in any doubt best check with your dealer.


Thank you.

I have already written to the dealer. Let’s wait and see what he says

I tried to slide a piece of paper between the plate and one of the pins. Everyone is lying up.

The P8 is designed to play music and not to be used as a drum. If the glass platter is sitting flat on the six little bumps on the inner platter, which you say it is, it’s perfectly fine. Put the mat on, play some music and enjoy.

I’m doing it right now and enjoy it :grin:

I’m sure it’s absolutely fine.

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A Dial Indicator would give your absolute certainty if you feel the need to double check it at times. They aren’t expensive. ($40 cad amazon)

My dealer looked at it and the fault was that one of the 6 pins had a minimal gap top the Platte. We found this by putting aluminium foil between the pin and the plate and then moving the foil. Movement was possible with one pin. When I knock on the plate, it is exactly this pin that bumps against the plate. If the gap were bigger, you wouldn’t hear anything and the plate would still rest firmly on 5 pins. The German TAD distributor is now sending a new Rega Planar 8 to my dealer.


What great support from your dealer. It sounded as if everything was ok from what you wrote but clearly not. Hopefully the replacement will be perfect.


Do not negotiate every euro, let the dealer live and do not always change horses. This is how good support comes about :+1:


Absolutely right. It’s all about good relationships.

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It doesn’t surprise me at all, the machining on the stock Subplatter is quite poor, that’s why I got a Groovetracer not too long after I bought my P6, the improvement in sound quality was considerable, never looked back.

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I’m not sure how promoting a Groovetracer sub platter for the Planar 6 is remotely relevant to a one off issue on a Planar 8. Things go wrong on occasion and the dealer and Rega are replacing the deck in this case, which is excellent service.

There are countless ‘improvements’ for Regas out there, made by companies who cannot muster the ability to make a whole turntable but can manage to knock out little bits and pieces that supposedly ‘improve’ something made by Rega.

Sweeping statement regarding probably the most succesful turntable manufacturer there is!

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He is right. The sub platter on the P6 is made from cheap plastic. It doesn’t mean that the P6 is not sounding good for the money.
But I have often read that people are upgrading it with the Groovetracer, or something similar, made with stainless steel or aluminium.


I believe it is relevant because it is exactly the same part used on the P8. I beg to differ on “promoting”, I’m just sharing what my experience has been from actually using both products.

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Is it?


No rock on mine. Nor no need to change it for a groove whatever either.
A nicely machined piece to my eye.

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Machined aluminium, not plastic.