Rega RP10 loud pop when switching the speed off

Hi guys,

I have a strange problem with Rega RP10 that I just bought s/h.

RP10 PSU emits very loud pop when switching off either 33 or 45 motor switch. The pop is very loud and it is related to the volume (ie. the louder the volume, the louder the pop). There is no pop when I switch the speed switch on, or when I switch the power switch on/off.

The rest of the system is:

Naim Stageline K

T***y Cap

Naim Uniti 1

I have tried all combinations in moving away PSU from other units, connecting ground wire to the ground on mains etc. I also connected Stageline directly to powered Uniti Phono input. No change…

The things got really strange when I disconnected the turntable interconnects to Stageline. I still got the pop, only quieter.

I would appreciate it if any of the forum members could come with an idea on how to solve my problem.
I posted the same question on Rega Turntables FB group and there is a video there.

It could be an earthing issue. I had a similar once with a turntable.

An easy check if you have a multimeter that can measure continuity even better if it has a buzzer output. There should be continuity between the centre spindle of the turntable and the amp earth post. also, check same with motor earth.

However, I could be talking billhooks!

One for @Richard.Dane i feel.

I get a pop (actually more of a light “plip”) but just turn the volume down when changing speed. Doesn’t bother me.

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I am aware you already gave the same answer on the same forum question a while ago.
It would not bother me if it wasn’t very, very loud.
I have Guru QM10 Mk2 with a LED light for signaling the overload. I have only pushed the system once or twice to see this light on. With these pops on higher volume it engages every time.
I believe it could be dangerous, this is why I posted a question.
Plus, I would like to know the reason for it. Does it affect just RP10/Naim phono preamp combination or other as well?

I had the same with the RP10. Just turn the volume down as Richard says.

It’s a Rega feature.

I don’t get any noise whatsoever with my P10, which as I understand it uses the same electronics as the RP10.

I had not that with my ex Rp10, neither P10. Dead quiet.

It is a well documented Rega issue due to bad design (could have been fixed with a cap). If you Google you will find.

couldn’t find it with google…
can you be more specific?

rega pop start stop on off

There have been a couple of mentions of this on the forum quite recently. One was because the power supply was too close to the deck - the instructions say to keep it as far away as possible - and the other was solved by not plugging the Rega into a cheap mains conditioner. Mine doesn’t make a noise so it surely cannot be a design fault. You say it could easily be fixed but unless you know the details of the design that is just guesswork. Is it really fair to slag off a design without really knowing what the cause might be?

I dunno,
I just cannot understand that such top product could behave in such way.
With Naim, I have to used to a fact that some filtering was not implemented on the basis it would compromise the sound. Ok, some humming, a little annoying but you live with it.
But these are tweeter burning pops. I find it hard to accept the solution: turn the volume down and it will be OK. What if I forget to turn it down?

First thing that came to mind is snubber capacitor.

No guarantee it will work. But won’t cost a lot to try.

Just turn it down. Others don’t have the issue, as hh has said his is fine. And try and keep the psu as far away as possible. Have you spoken to Rega?

I don’t own any of the equipment, so this is guesswork.
The fact that the pop gets louder as you increase the volume suggests a pulse is travelling into the signal side of the amp. The pop happens when you change speed on the turntable. The power supply is a separate circuit from the signal, so the source of the pop is inducing a signal in a separate circuit? Then, I guess the the 33/45 switch is not switching mains so unlikely that the contacts are sparking.
Have you been back to the seller?
As you are concerned, a Rega dealer seems the first call. Would a dealer loan you another power supply?
A possible “DIY” test would be take a chance that a spike suppressor degrades the sound and try a Russ Andrew’s Superclamp or similar, RA do a 60 day trial.


With my P10 also no pop, either with Aria nor Superline/252

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I never experienced that with my RP8 or P10.

I’d just turn down the volume and not think more about it.

It’s probably just a relay clicking, in which case this is quite normal in a lot of HiFi kit. Switching inputs/outputs for instance?