Rega Saturn Mk3

Has anyone tried it yet? It looks the part. I’m wondering if it’s good enough for ATC SCM 7s as a stand-alone source, and how the DAC section compares with a Chord Qutest.

Wanted to re-up this. Anyone tried it yet?

Hi sorry I haven’t heard it. But apparently it has new casework and a better build quality but it is essentially the same as the mk2 2013 model. So other forum members may be able to give you feedback on the mk2.

Also I assume you could get a demo at a dealer. I’ve got the Isis which I couldn’t demo. My Naim/Rega dealer said he couldn’t stock an item for which there a such few sales!
Also Rega has a lifetime guarantee on manufactured parts which is exceptional.

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Someone elsewhere has upgraded from Saturn R to Saturn 3 and found it a worthwhile and beneficial improvement. Rega’s own website does mention some changes , so it’s not just a casework change.

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Rega Saturn R in Pete Thomas’ (co founder of PMC) listening room. Jason Kennedy compares it very favourably with a Mark Levinson No 39 CD player. You can read the article on the web. Using the smaller speakers to give a more realistic review than using the big PMC’s!


Are the baby speakers mere FACT12s?

If so, gosh.

I’m also slightly taken aback by the centre channel speaker!

Fact 8’s. 1800 watts per channel for the stereo system and another 1200 watts for the surrounds and centre. Amazingly, the source for the full system is the Oppo BDP 1050 blu ray player which was £1100 in 2015. So much for source first. You can see the full article under - the ultimate listening room - the Ear. Amps shown below


I heard it recently at Tom Tom, was connected up with Neat Petite 30 anniversary speakers and Naim Pre Power (think it was 250 power amp). The overall setup sounded pretty special with the speakers really projecting vocals with height and scale, so the CD player is very capable based on what I heard, I’ll be looking for a home dem at some point.

The Neat Petites were very beguiling in how they produced voices, left an impression.


My word those speakers are horrifying!


That center channel could crush an adult man if it came loose


You definitely need an amp :face_with_raised_eyebrow: you might already know.

Rega CD’s are really good IME, fully supported too.

The new casework looks fabulous. While Rega should be commended for a lifetime warranty, I suspect fully servicing their CDPs 20 years from now will be beyond their control.


I had my early gen Saturn completely serviced/repaired a couple of years ago.
Its rather delicious sounding and leave the original Planet in the dust.

The only one box vintage player I could think of being more attractive, were a Naim CDi.


Rega store two matched laser mechanisms for my Isis. So sadly (for me) my Rega cd player will probably outlive me. You receive a booklet with the Isis which is signed by the production technician and by the person who did the electrical and mechanical QA which also confirms that two laser units have been archived for you. I think these personal touches are great. I don’t think many hifi companies are as customer focused as Rega.


Also got an old Sky box …

Those are amazing speakers .

To cut to the chase, is the Saturn Mk 3 good enough for SL2s?

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Based on what I heard it would be top of my list if I was looking for a new CD player, excellent vocal projection and the bass was deep, tight and rhythmic.

Build quality also felt in line with the latest line of Rega electronics, unit had a good bit of heft to it.

I’ve got an Apollo as a transport in second system and the difference in build quality was marked, and for the price I don’t see anything wrong with the Apollo just the Saturn looks and feels a good few grand more upmarket.

Can’t see why it won’t be a good companion for your SL2s.


Thanks Adam. I can relate to your comments about the Apollo’s quality. I used to use one as a transport. The build quality and interface wasn’t on the same level as the Naim gear. Good to hear Rega has taken a nice step forward in that department.

Glad to read your comments about the sound quality too. I would like to have the transport/DAC integrated in a single player. The Apollo was very good into a Qutest, but CD replay seems a bit more coherent from an integrated unit.

Yeah I have mine into a MF MX-Dac in my second system, the Saturn would actually sound and look great in there, alongside my Densen amps.

Got a CDX2.2 in my Naim system and the Saturn feels more in keeping with that build than the Apollo.

Interesting! How does the Saturn compare with the CDX2.2?