Rel Bassline Blue Naim Bannana Plug Connection?

Hey Guys, Wondering if you can help me out again ! The main question is I just picked up 2 bassline blue naim cables that have the bananas on the amp end. Was wondering how do you connect these in a duel rel sub configuration ? Very little info on line in general & even from rel itself ! Which is sad given they produced these.

Question #2 is if these naim versions of the bass line blues are still even needed on 2’s DR’s and Uniti series given that I can find very few reviews people using them with naim equipment ?

                 Thanks again.

You connect them to the back of the speakers!

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There are various ways to connect both cables to the same socket, depending on the type of socket you have.
Some speakers have terminals that can take either bananas or spades. On my old Kudos speakers I had the main speaker cables with regular soldered bananas, and put spades on the sub cables.
If you use bananas with big enough solder buckets you can solder both cables into the same plug.
Lastly you can use stackable bananas. Deltron and others make them.

The rel versions of naim bassline blue bannanas comes with the stackable bananas intact, not sure how good they are. My problem is I’m just not sure how to connect the stackable bannanas in a duel configuration ? Do I stack the red & yellow bannanas to the postive add then add the naca5 last and then use the black negative to the black.

Does anyone have a photo of the bassline blue maim’s stackable bannanas connected in place ???

On second thoughts, I think the Bassline Blue has a mod so that you can plug it into the power amp output sockets. Then you plug the regular speaker cables into the stackable Rel plugs.

Yes it is the mod & is set up the connect up to the amp end. Just not sure how to stack the bananas given I have 2 subs and have never use these before. Thanks

I imagine that the left sub should be connected to the left channel and right sub to the right channel. Probably some bananas will go unused.

Do you mind sharing some pictures of the cables? It might become easier for everyone to give some suggestions then.

This is what the bassline blue stackables looks like.

I guess that’s not going to work if you use Naim plugs on your speaker cables without modifying them.

So assuming that the +/- are consistent with this picture:

You should connect the yellow and black cables of the left sub to the left channel of the amp. Similarly, the red and black cables of the right sub to the right channel of the amp. And stack the speaker cables on top of them. In the end there will be one unused red and one unused yellow cable left. I hope this makes sense!

Thanks But it does not make sense because with duel subs you would think that with the red and yellow being the positive (hot) cables Ann the black being the negative (ground), you would think both channels would be wired the same, with if any the black being left out. I don’t know, it’s just my thinking, that’s why im here asking.

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Why do you need the yellow wire when the sub is single channel?

I don’t know that’s why I am here asking the pro’s :slight_smile: I’m new at this. Lol. What’s your thoughts ?

Well you should ask Rel directly but… the yellow is for a second channel when you have one sub. You should only need to connect one positive and one negative when the sub is mono. My gut says it probably doesn’t matter if you use the yellow or the red so I’d stick with convention and connect red and black. However I can’t prove this is true.

I appreciate your help, it makes sense to me. I will look into it. Thanks

Are you saying that you have two cables, each of which has three plugs on one end?

Yes, I have 2 sets

That’s no use to you, the third cable is the common earth because you don’t really need one on both negative terminals - but that assumes one cable for a single sub.
I guess there would be no harm in connecting them both up and leaving the unused third plug unconnected.

So, you are saying out of the 6 bananas I have I should only need to use the red & the black and leave the yellow free ?