Relaxing a Burndy

I saw a video on here showing how to relax a Burndy prior to installation, or at the very least I’ve convinced myself that I did!
I’m about to rejig the placement of the boxes after the acquisition of a Supercap DR for my SuperLine but I just can’t find the video now I want it.
Would be a great addition to the FAQ section IMO @Richard.Dane

I agree. I’ve done my best to explain it as comprehensively as I can in a number of posts on here, but a video would be great (I reckon Jason would be perfect to star here). I have suggested it in the past but I guess other things tend to take priority. I’ll suggest it again when I’m next down at the factory.

Here’s some of my advice on Burndy relaxing;

Check the Burndy for how it’s dressed and whether it’s nicely “relaxed”. It’s easy to get wrong and the sound then gets hardened at the top end and lacks air and “breath”.

Take each connector of the cable in each hand with the cable looped between in front of you. gently twist the connectors with a wrist movement while gently swinging the cable. You may wish to do this alone, as you may get some odd looks…

Also check to see that the strain relief on the connectors is not done too tight or too loose. There should be a small amount of movement but not too loose.

When you connect the two ends make sure the cable is nice and relaxed as per the above and that you have “formed” it so the plugs slide in perfectly without having to put any torsional stress on any of it.

Plenty of threads on Burndy relaxing. Here’s one to start…

This video of any help ?

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Thanks for that @Richard.Dane
I have found a couple of descriptions on the method but was sure I’d seen a video. I’m mistaken in that regard obviously.
I would love to be able to see one now to confirm my understanding of the method is correct.
Kind regards.

Treat it as you would a human. Offer it a dry sherry… Relaxation will follow.


Not really much help, as those are SNAICs rather than Burndys….


I would imagine the proses is similar but slightly less violent, all you are trying to do is make the cable relax during a system rebuild.

There are many quirky odd eccentric bizarre hobbies out there. Middle aged male audiophiles relaxing their Burndies is right up there.



The Snaic shaker doesn’t look anything like what Richard described, to me anyway.
A connector in each hand for starters …

Hey @SteveO do you have a link to the video you refer to?

Look at post 3.

Sorry, no.
I was sure I had but Richard would have known. It may have been on YouTube or even a figment of my imagination.


I’ve just done this following @Richard.Dane ‘s instructions. I also managed to loop the interconnects up so they were not touching each other or the floor.

Result? A slight reduction in the harshness I noticed on treble the last time I played a particular track. Certainly worth the 10 minutes it took.

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Adam’s ‘dotty’ advice is v useful.


Took the opportunity this Friday afternoon to power down and ‘de-stress’ my Burndy’s.

Both the 252 and Superline Burndy benefitted from it - particularly the latter. One thing that is noticeable when the Burndy is fully de-stressed is that it offers virtually no resistance to the wrist motion, in fact it almost seems to be leading the way (if that makes sense !)

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New version of Dad Dancing. :grinning:

Interesting. Mine was quite creaky still. But it’s one of the older ones. I may try again when I have some privacy

Been playing with mine this afternoon on the 252 and 552.

They both seem to be quite pliable and not have the stiffness I expected from reports on here. Manipulation from one end to the other with a gentle twist then line up the ends where they need to be positioned, but off the boxes. They then lined up pretty much bob on and slipped in with no stress.


Later ones seem to have a woven cover. Or some models do. Mine are the older ones with a harder plastic cover

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