Relay connection on NAC252


I currently using ND555 with NAC252 and also would like to connect the ND555 to a headphone amp.

My current connection:
ND555 ->(SL DIN) ->252
ND555 → (Chord RCA) → Headphone amp

While this setup works but needs constant flip the ND555 output between DIN/RCA.
The DIN+RCA option will not be considered as it heavily degrade the SQ on both 252/Headphone.

I realised NAC252 has a “tape out”/“AUX2” to “relay” the ND555 signal to other equipment eg.headphone amp.

Can anyone share their experience using the “relay” connection? My concern is how much in SQ will degrade or even improved using this method?


Ken, see here;

There should be no degradation using the record out of the pre-amp. Indeed, some 552 users have reported here on the old forum that they preferred the output via the 552 than via a direct connection - why that might be, I have no idea, but at the very least it means you should not be disadvantaged connecting this way.

Thanks Richard!

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