Removing feet of streamer

I want to decouple my ND555 from my lowboard. I consider using Ansuz Darkz for this. I could place three of them below the streamer but then the genuine feet of the ND555 hover in the air which gives an odd look to the streamer.

Can I just remove the feet or would it do harm to the streamer or void the warranty.

The ND555 already uses an extremely finely engineered internal mass loaded suspension system. The metal feet are all part and parcel of this in order for it to work optimally. I would not be in any rush to remove the feet (they are necessary as part of the series of fixings that ensure the inner tray is firmly secured to the outer sleeve) or to use any other substitute feet. It will certainly have an affect on the sound but very possibly not for the better.


Thanks for clarification, @Richard.Dane. I will not touch the feet. Since I can not accommodate a Fraim, I placed the Streamer on a B-Fly-Audio shelf. I guess I will leave it as it is. Or should I place it directly on my lowboard (see my system pic on current status: System setup, ND555 replaced the NDX2).

Caution: armchair expert only here.

If it was me I think I’d leave it on the isolation shelf it is on. Or even just the shelf, without the isolation component if the two are separable. As I understand it part of the Fraim design ethos is a well engineered, dimensionally flat, surface for the equipment to sit on. i.e. the equipment will not wobble when placed on it. I think I recall fixes for any residual wobble include tin foil under the offending foot of the equipment - so we’re talking relatively close tolerances. I wonder if you can’t sit kit of ND555 calibre on a Fraim, then it’s the lesser of two “evils” to sit it on a flat surface than a leveled one.

That’s total guesswork, based on incomplete knowledge of the Fraim design process, just spilling my thoughts out X)

(Plus, sometimes saying something draft brings out those who actually know what they’re talking about to put us all out of the misery of our HiFi ignorance :wink: )

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I’d try replacing the B Fly Audio Shelf with a piece of toughened glass.

I used to use a glass chopping board under a CDS2, which has metal feet and internal suspension.

Similar to this.

A definite improvement over placing the CDS2 directly on the cabinet.

My nd555 is on the top shelf of my one fraim stack. I started out using 3 darkx under the stramer like I do on the other naim components. However remembering that the feet is part of the d design on the 555 I instead placed darkz under each feet. I still think this is better than without Darkz, but not so much that I would go out and buy them if I did not own them already. I also have optimized the rack and that is probably a better idea than to hope that you can use darkz on a lesser rack.

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