System Pics 2022

Hi Kevin,
The dac is currently at 2v setting, i tried 3 last night and apart form the volume ramping up to quickly i did not perceive any increase in dynamics etc. The sn3 works really well with the scm 11, either with or without HCDR. I had a nova previously with 11’s and on paper the same power but the SN3 clearly drives them better. For me it is the perfect combo in my 4.5 x 4m room and being 85db i have no problem with the infamous low level channel balance, most of my normal listening is around 9 o clock on the volume and low level while im working during the day is at about 8. People often say ATC’s are poor at low level but im not so sure, of course more vol is better tho! :metal:


I have Innuos mini and thinking of a qutest into my 272, wondering if it would be worth the outlay. How did you arrive at the voltage setting?

simply as the 3v setting got loud too quickly, more control with the 2v. its set by pressign both buttons when you power on and can toggle between 3,2,1 volts

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With sensitive speakers in a fairly small room I found the Naim preamps I’ve used to have a tiny usable range of the volume pot making it almost impossible to use. I haven’t used a Qutest, but with the variable volume on Hugo and Dave I found improved sound quality when it was dialled down a bit below maximum, with the added bonus that a wider range of the Naim volume pot was used and adjustment became a great deal easier.
I would be tempted to go further and try the 1V output on your Qutest.


Happy with 2 as it’s easily controllable but it’s 10 second job to change it…I’ll give it a go

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My current setup: NDX2 on the left, Aavik I-280 on the right:

Hidden away on the left Naim PS555DR and Ansuz Mainz8 X-TC on the right. Both rest on Ansuz Darkz.


Very nice! I do like the look of Aavik in terms of their approach, esp having read a few positive reviews and info on their website, but I’ve not heard any of their kit as yet. Like their design language / styling too, as its so distinct and doesn’t follow the herd.

Edit - lovely room too :+1:


A well balanced system indeed….

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It does Clive. It reminds me of the ‘hewn from solid’ CD555 - both are beautifully engineered pieces. I seem to remember commenting on a thread when the new KDSM first came out that I didn’t like the look of this compared to the slimline Klimax. Seeing one in the flesh soon changed that…

I’d have happily lived with either the KDSM or the ND555 SQ wise, but the single box and future upgradability did it for me. The amp is next in line to look at and I’m curious as to what a 250 DR or 300DR would sound like driven directly by the KDSM. I did enjoy my pre DR 300 but don’t want to go down the Naim preamp route again. I only need a single input which means a lot of the functionality and facilities on the present range is unfortunately redundant for me.

Perhaps (and I’m in no rush) if I hang on a while, Naim may release something interesting on the amplifier front. We’ve seen a few products at either end of the spectrum (Atom HE, Statement) sporting balanced connections and the amp range must be due a refresh in the near future.


Source first etc :grinning:

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Enjoying playing records on a Friday night.


Thanks. Besides looks: it sounds fantastic.

The naming of Linn products is amusing to say the least. A bit like a woody allen movie. Everything you want to know about Linn but was afraid to ask. Linn Klimax Orgasmatron… I can just see the wife rolling her eyes.
Their products are rather good though and quite convincing apart from the price


More Barbarella that :grinning::sweat_smile:

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That name may just convince my wife we need one :sunglasses:


I will also try and report back… slap :rofl:

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Are you managing to run an EMT into a standard superline?

Love the new streamer James. If the Linn directly into a Naim amp does not work for you, I would consider other brands. My Lumin is not in the same league as your Linn, but eventually I want to go amp direct to one of these.


I was the same. My initial impression of the silver version was that I thought it was rather ugly, but it did sound good. From memory I think it did sound more refined and detailed than the ND555, but that was only powered by one CD555PSDR power supply. The retailer didn’t have a second power supply, so was unable to do the comparison I really wanted. I also wanted to hear it direct into a NAP500, but that didn’t happen either. I agree that it has that hewn from solid feel about it and it looks so much better in black.


No, I have the Superfine E…