Removing Ovator s-600 grille

Hi all,

Due to a slight accident by my wife (ahem) one of my S-600 grilles (lowest bass unit in speaker) currently has a dent in it :cry:

It isn’t too bad so I think it will push back out.

How does one remove and then reinstall the grille? Nothing in the manual about it.

Thanks in advance…


I removed mine a few times by just gently putting an Allen key in a hole and then working it forward, just do this at a few point’s around the grille.


Thanks Dunc, that worked a treat!

Grille is now about 98% of its original shape and doubt I can easily improve on that.

At least I no longer need to grill my wife about my grille :smile:


IIHO always remove the grilles by pulling in at least two places at once - pulling at one point solely may result in unexpected consequences.

Now that you know how to remove and replace the grilles, out of interest, when was the last time you re-torqued your speakers? Nice to have the cosmetics right; setup will bring sound rewards.

Well done! I still need to find the courage to fix it for my Ovators. A kid crashed against the Ovator and it’s why I bought Ovators: they have robust grills and weight 62 kilos each:-)

What is the appropriate torque setting for the drive units and am I right in assuming to tighten them in a star pattern?

They were correctly torqued upon arrival but that was probably 10 years ago!

See here.

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Thanks to @HungryHalibut you have an earlier thread.
The details are on the Ovator Top Level spec sheet, which can be requested.
Star pattern is how I do it, loosening each one slightly, then re-torquing. A torque screwdriver does not “measure” so it is necessary to loosen first, rather than just insert and twist; you may already know that.
Recent discussion with the excellent dealer Signals, with lots of experience with Ovators in the past, recommend also re-torquing the bases, as well as the drive units.
I believe one of their customers still runs active Ovators.

edit: Graham although I have active S600s, I must admit I have only done the bases on S400s, having recently acquired another pair, so I have not studied what is involved.

Each grill tends to be a little different, probably based on tolerances. I have more than one pair!
Some slip out without much effort, others less so. Important imho, to put them back exactly as removed - i.e. 12 back to 12 position wise.

Thanks HH.

@richard.dane as the thread referenced here is now closed, can you send me the relevant torque information? Thanks.


If you have patience i’ ll let you know Friday, i have specs on a PC at work