Replacement for Titan 808s

I love the Titans but I love matrimonial harmony even more. They’re big. Room is about 23 by 14. I have been impressed by Dynaudio speakers and the Confidence range looks interesting. Set up is ND555, NAC 552, NAP 500DR and corresponding power supplies. Superlumina speaker cabling. I have always been helped by the Forum on this journey and seek your views again. Great sound with aesthetic appeal is the brief. Your input will be most welcome

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What is it about the Titans that is not liked? I have to say I am not keen on them myself.
Can you give a size guide for the new speakers? Are we talking bookshelf or floorstanders?

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Thanks Mark. It’s the size - they are substantial in all directions. I am looking for floor standers. One has to be quite close to adjoining walls which I know is a significant issue. The Titans are surprisingly forgiving in that respect. As to dimensions, height is not so big an issue as width. That’s one reason why the Dynaudios have an appeal

That’s a shame - I was quite surprised my wife is ok with the 808s. They looked smaller after a few weeks though :blush:

It’s funny - I really don’t like the look of the Dynaudios🤷‍♂️

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I know. I agree with you. The Confidences are an odd shape - doing too much. I like the Titans’ looks as well as the sound they make. It’s looking like a home demo to assess the looks/sound synergy. I will keep you posted but let the suggestions roll in!

Sorry I don’t have any suggestions having just discovered the 808s for myself :blush:

I’m considering Audiovector R3 Arrette, which have the seal of approval on looks. The R range have WAF, and you can have them custom painted in any colour as well as the standard finishes.

Yeah it is really hard to suggest an alternative. Those titans use low order crossovers with quality parts, have fantastic drivers, fantastic design, substantial low end output. Hard to compete really.

I have recently been reading about the Vandersteen Quatro wood CT. They use 1st order crossover so super smooth presentation, also use a powered bass section to give a full range performance with a small footprint. Worth a look. Similar to what I have recently built.


Keep the Titans


Keep the wife


ProAc K series should be on your short list. My K6’s in Walnut do not visually dominate the room and their performance is the best I’ve heard to date. (And they sing with 500 series electronics.)


I’m going to say ProAc D48R. The K series as mentioned are very nice but wife may not care for the metal bits. The Wilson Audio’s are superb can be painted in almost any color, and sound amazing. Also the Borrensen are beautiful and sound sublime…

Have you asked her what she doesn’t like about the Kudos besides being big and kind of ugly? And what would be ok with her. This assumes she’s reasonable :rose:
I think you can have fun with this adventure! Consider taking the wife on a trip to Denver , Colorado for the Rocky Mountain audio fest in October, or the Munich show at the beginning of September. You can smoke lots of weed in Denver, or your wife can shop in Munich :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

ProAc’s come with grills to hide the shiny bits.


Love the Ebony!

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@pumpexch. Wilson Audio, Sasha DAW. They’re relatively small, but sound quality is extraordinary… And they don’t look like big boxes.I think that’s usually what the wives don’t like, big boxes. So as good as Kudos sound or the big ProAc’s or things like Magico’s and Vandersteen’s, ATC, Harbeth, etc they are all big boxes.

Thanks everyone. As ever, really helpful. We’re all on this journey together! It looks like my second mid-life crisis is about to start (I am 63) and it’s looking like more fun than my first!


PMC fact 12


What a view! Both inside your property and the view outside. The speakers look great

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Dynaudio need much more distance to wall & furnitures.
They are entirely different laid back vs Titans

Wilson Benesh Act one.
Dimensions : 119cm (47”) H x 22.5cm (9”) W x 40cm (16”) D
Some have them with 552/500.