Replacing the CDX2

So, impressions after a couple of days with the whole system:

The soundstage has improve in all directions. Separation has improved, bass is tighter and punchier.

The whole system sounds like it is more grown up. There also lies my current challenge: I miss that cheeky in your face bit that it had before. As @jlewis mentioned, the CDX2 may very well have added a massive dose of excitement that feels sort of…missing. Granted, my mood over the weekend wasn’t great, serotonin levels were very low and I shut down then. Don’t worry, I’m fine :wink:

Everything sounds great so far and the 7000CDT is a magnificent little machine in terms of sounds, I may need to keep searching in the long run. It is a great bargain for what it does, but it has it’s annoying quirks.

The display always stays on a little bit while in operation. It’s only off in standby mode.

The drawer doesn’t open far enough (you always need to put the edge of a CD under the facia) and closes too quickly when you search for a CD.

I can’t switch the display on and off with the button. The remote has it, but it doesn’t do anything (the manual mentions this, still odd).

I’ll keep playing with it of course, as it might improve with my mood too, hoping that bit if magic will turn up!


Ironically, just after posting this, during my last listen I finally felt something click a bit more. I sort of stopped the analysis part of listening and just started listening to the music more. I still notice the fact it’s a lot less forward and feels less involving than what I’m used to, which might just be because so much of the system has changed. Still, I’m glad it just felt better, hope for more improvement in that aspect of the experience!


Anyone looked at the TEAC VRDS-701T CD-Transport with VRDS Mechanism, or its CD player counterpart.

It has received good reviews, eg John Darko, and aesthetically is not a bad match for the NC series heat sink edged casing.


I have this on my shortlist for when I have saved up some funds. Currently working on a house remodel, which will be costly I feel. After that’s been finalised, I’ll see if the more exotic transports are as good as the Audiolab

I was strongly considering this with a dac (not the nDAC, since not really available used in US). But ultimately decided on the one box Rega ISIS.


I think he likes it… :slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome to the NAP250 Owners Club…!!

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I do indeed! The NAP250 makes it clear my room could have done with a bit more controlled bass on that end. Loving the presentation it gives. I’m sure with a better front end (say a 252/SC and a better CDT and maybe a 555PS on the nDAC) it’ll shine even brighter!

The NAP250 has had high praise ever since it’s inception in the Chrome Bumper line as far as I know, and it’s well deserved!

The system so far is coming together. In a bit, I’ll check out some different transports. The main thing for me now is seeing what doing a bit of a rebuild around the house will cost (that was already in the planning before the CDX2 read it’s last bits). Then I’ll see what we can stretch to if I wanted!


The NAP250 first appeared as a BD (Bolt Down) version, pre CB, in 1975.

It became CB in 1980. Mine is a CB build (1985), but re-cased as Olive, by Naim.

The Olive 250 is from 1989.

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And went through a couple of changes during the 90s, amo change of H&F transformer.

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Holden & Fisher - up to end 92.

Nuvotem - 93 onwards.

Do remember, though, that a 1970s 250 is not the same beast as a 2020s 250, as the real-terms price rises will show you:

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Also don’t forget that at the start you have development costs, after that it’s just producion costs

True, but as the overall design is very similar (bar the change to DR and the move to a larger transformer), then the total parts count will be similar.

I’d say a CB and Olive 250 sound very equal.
Google inside picture, looks identically - only manufacture methods were changed (automatic machinery)

Nap 250.2 looks (inside) and sound very different, not my cup.

250DR was one of my wow moments - great amp.


There was a change of transformer size, during the CB era. The 250 switched to using the larger 135 size transformer, I think around 1984…? (I know my 1985 version has the larger transformer)

There is a further (bigger) change in the transformer size with the 250.2, carried over to the 250DR.

All 250’s are Great, but some are Greater than Others.

Just sold my olive serviced 250 from 1995 yesterday. went in no time - to a nice guy and naim fan since the beginning.

Not sure I could ever part with my 1985 one… :cry:

It was hard for me as well - looks like new and serviced in 2018.
Qute2 in use, nait50 in use, 500dr in use, 135 (2001, service 2019) stored together with 52.
Don’t want to be a museum :blush:
Thinking about cdx as well (also stored) - but I want to own a cd player.

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Looks like I unintentionally unleashed a NAP250 debate :sweat_smile:

Challenge with Naim is always the upgrade bug. If it has bitten, it’s particularly difficult to treat! In all fairness, if my CDX2 would have been OK, I probably would have been happy with the combination I had for time to come! Now, listening to old music anew, it’s challenging to resist to urge to think what the better stuff could do!

Currently enjoying some Peter Gabriel and it grooves like mad!