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I went back to the original email from Bay Bloor Radio, it looks like they replaced what they described as the “ Streaming Board”

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Aria 926 are fine with Nova - no issues there (sound great!)

Do you have a USB stick permanently plugged into one of USB slots? I understand that even if you go into Standby, the Nova keeps this powered up. I certainly found that my Nova ran hot in Standby when I left USB stick in but as soon as I removed it when not needed, the problem resolved

Clare yes the Uniti Nova and Focal 928s sound fabulous together!


Yes server mode or a drive plugged in to a USB port will keep things on when in standby so worth checking, speaker cable thing is a red herring

It’s not, it’s a known issue concerning certain types of cable, for instance from Audioquest:

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In standby?

It’s difficult to say, more than one issue could be at play… It’s not a red herring per se at least. The Nova could be in server mode and therefore not going into full standby, but even then the temperature should normally still not be as high as reported on an otherwise idle system.

The best approach is usually to not rule anything out and just check all the possible causes (usb / server mode / cables / firmware etc). It could ofcourse also be a hardware issue like the streaming board problem that @suneal had.

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Did some more digging re your ticket number - we think it could be from the external support provider we used for Mu-so and Uniti until 2019, when we increased the size of our in-house team and brought everything back in house. That could explain why you’ve had no response to an older message.

If you need to contact Naim Support, please do so on the UK contact details and please add a link to this Forum thread for reference. A new ticket number will be generated.
T: +44 (0) 1722 443405

Hours of service are Mon-Fri 9:30am-5:30pm GMT/BST

Sorry, the forum stopped me posting, thanks for all the replies I will read them now. Thanks for all the advice. There’s no USB drive or SD cards. It has an input from a Rega Aria from my P8 turntable and a wired link to my router for internet and my NAS drive and that is all.
I will check the cables and if it’s in server mode when I get home on Sunday.

Thanks @Naim.Marketing I think once I have all the info the best thing I could do is ring that number as it’s easier to have a conversation.
I understand there can be issues with impedance, I work with RADAR systems and spent a while investigating power supply failures and the effects of too short and too long cable lengths on the inrush current for start up etc; which makes sense if the amp is driving the speakers. I can see why this could cause high temperature under load but I can also see why this is being questioned as a power drain in standby.
A phone call would be useful as I have also never found a sensible answer to grounding the turntable pre-amp to the Nova.
Thanks again for all the replies and sorry for the long silence.

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After all that, I finally got to check and for no apparent reason it was in Server mode. I went straight on to night shift as soon as I got back to work so was a bit busy sorry. It is now cold on standby so thanks all for your help.


What does server mode actually do? When should it be on/off. Apologies if it’s a silly question

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2 main reasons I can think of

  1. It allows you to connect to any local UPnP media server, such as a NAS drive, or your computer, and is then able to navigate around your music via metadata such as Artists/Album

  2. If you have a drive inserted into your USB connection with Music files on it, it will read all the metadata and allows you to navigate around your music via metadata such as Artists/Album

It’s interesting as mine is connected to a NAS drive via an unmanaged switch and the router, which it still happily does after turning server mode off. I haven’t had long to check what changes have happened but it still funds music in folders based on all the usual searches.

In addition to the “intended” uses listed by @GadgetMan there is a useful side effect: If you have the display set to “on” during playback and standby is “never”, the display stays enabled for 12 hours (until timeout) if you pause the music. Standby prevents this, i.e., it turns off the display, but it also means that there is a warm-up time after waking from standby. You can use server mode in this case to keep the unit warmed up although it goes to standby.

There seems to be a bit of confusion here. What server mode actually does is run the built in UPnP server in your Nova so that any other UPnP streamers on your network can access music on its USB drive. That’s all. Something I suspect most people, most of the time, don’t need.

In order to do the above, Server mode keeps the main PSU awake as it is required in order to keep the server discoverable to other devices. Some people use this as a way of keeping the unit warmed up as there is a potential effect on sound quality when playing it not warmed up.

Thanks for the replies. So if I’ve understood this correctly from @ChrisSU
I can access music on my NAS with server mode set to off but would need to enable it if I wanted to use the native USB drive on the Nova itself?
Hope this answers @Stuart_of_Skelf too.

I had server mode enabled on my Nova although it never seems to have any heat issues. Have now disabled it but not had chance to try the NAS as yet.
Many thanks.

Still in server mode the Nova shouldn’t be running 35°C when otherwise idle, that indicates a problem somewhere.

You only need server mode turned on if you want other devices on your network to access it. For the streamer to access its own USB drive (even via the server input) it’s not required.