ND5 XS 2: new "clack" sound?

I bought in december 2020 a new ND5 XS 2 to connect with my SUPERNAIT 1.
No problem and I’m very satisfied.
For 4 months no sound was audibile when it starts.
I selected the ND5 with the APP and it starts softly and silently.

Now, since 1st april we hear a “strong clack” like a relè when ND5 starts, is it normal?
Some firmware upgrade?

Mine has done that ever since I had it so I’m assuming it is normal

My NDX2 does this too - always has. I think it’s because Naim have done a good thing; they switch to a much more efficient power-supply when you switch to stand-by to keep power use to a minimum. :grin:

Hi @tuexoqu

By default Naim Streamers comply to the latest ErP power regulations, so take less than 2 watts from the mains and stay connected to the network. To achieve this we switch in a high efficiency switching power supply that can keep select parts of the digital electronics powered. When the product needs to play we sequence a Hifi grade linear PSU in, sequence all the circuits up and turn this standby PSU off. We do this with relays and quite a bit of software.

If you prefer that the product stays on all the time (so about 20watts or so at the mains) then in the Naim app go to Settings (gear icon) → Other Settings → Server Mode and turn it on. One benefit of server mode is that the streamer is fully warmed up 24/7 so peak performance on demand, but at the penalty of using more electricity (about 8p/day in UK).

Pic attached of the setting in the app.

Best regards

Steve Harris
Software Director
Naim Audio Ltd.


That’s become clear to me! Thank you! good job!

Interesting though, your system changed behavior. Anything changed in the environment or how you use it?

There a couple of items which prevents the unit to switch power supply, while in standby: above mentioned server mode, when you plug-in a USB device (since it needs extra power). :thinking: Thought there were more items, but just now don’t remember. :yawning_face:
Ah: some settings on HDMI-ARC can do this as well. (If your unit has that and a TV is connected.)

Sorry, maybe a silly question. There is also the option to turn auto-standby off. Is there a difference between this and server mode wrt to the powered-on state (if not actually used as server)?

Hi @Suedkiez

Not so silly question. :slight_smile:

Leaving device so it never goes to standby (auto standby = off)

  • Pros - products with amplifiers built in are left on 24/7, Everything really is totally thermally stabilised, so best sound.
  • Cons - Can’t easily shut up external inputs (digital, analogue). Product is lit up and screen is left on, until we auto switch if off after quite a few hours just as a precaution on the screens LED backlight. On very sensitive speakers, some hiss maybe heard.

Leaving device in server mode (server mode=on, auto standby = 20mins or similar)

  • Pros - Product naturally goes to sleep when not in use, so lights etc. all go off.
  • Cons - Amp is held in reset while in this state so there will be a warm up time for amp to get to peak performance (in my experience about 20mins max - different systems and user expectations will vary).

Personally I prefer server mode, but either are perfectly valid options.

Best wishes


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Fabulous, thank you very much. I think the server mode plus auto-standby solves a problem I always had with the NDX2: I like the display to be on when music plays but off otherwise. As it’s rare that I can play an album or playlist to its natural end, I had to use auto-standby just to make the display turn off.

If I may say so, the app UI logic could be simplified to achieve this :slight_smile:

Is there any downside to having an external power supply and never exercising this relay? Or never energizing the internal power supply caps and circuitry?

To the original poster: Try a full factory reset, if possible. I just had a click changing between inputs on my years old Atom that I had never had before and also very bad synching with TV issues. A full reset cured both for some reason.

excuse me, Steve, and what about leaving both server mode=on and auto standby=off?

thanks and regards,

Standby off as I like the Naim logo on both my ND5XS2 to be illuminated at all times.

No click or clack for me.

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