Restart Uniticute

Hello together, recently i bought a uniticute version 1. the device works via app. unfortunately the screen remains dark so i would like to reset the cute to find out if the screen really doesn’t work. question: how do i have to proceed if i have an original remote control. thanks for a short feedback

I can’t recall how to reset my ‘Qute, but have you tried pressing the Naim logo on the front. On mine doing this turns off the screen.

If you turn it off then on again, there should be a screen that says UnitiQute. If that doesn’t appear, the screen doesn’t work.

Ask Naim or your local Naim dealer how much a new screen costs.
Alternatively……> click link Unitiqute front panel LED very dim

I have a feeling that the UQ1 doesn’t have the 24/192 board and if that is the case then Naim can no longer replace the screen as parts are no longer available.

Yes I suspect that is true, hence follow the alternative route to eBay.

Hello Robert thanks fir your feedback. Before I spend a lot of money is there a possibility to make a compete restart of the cute to go back to the factorit settings ?

The switch to the 24/192 board preceded the introduction of the Unitiqute 2, so it’s possible that a Mk1 was either supplied with one, or had it installed later as an upgrade.
The OP is probably wondering what on earth that has got to do with his problem - to be clear, a replacement screen cannot be fitted by Naim to units that don’t have the later 24/192 board fitted. It seems that there are, however, some third party sellers who can supply a replacement screen on ebay. There’s a seller in France who some users have had success with, although I notice that recently a flood of listings from a Chinese supplier has appeared.

I think the first decision should be whether or not you can live without the screen, given that all day to day controls can be accessed from the app. If so, maybe just live with it.

To see if the screen still has a bit of life left in it, in a completely dark room, open the camera on your phone and point it at the screen. You might be able to see the text just enough to use it, and access any settings you need using the remote.

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These instructions from Naim service dept should do a factory reset without the screen:

“Try this,
Press the spanner.
Press up once
Press ok.
Press up once.
Press ok.
Then tap the logo on the front of the unit.

You’ll need to give it a couple of minutes to reset.”

Don’t expect this to bring back the screen, though. Also remember that the default setting is for wired Ethernet, so you will not be able to set it up for WiFi without using the remote to configure it. (Probably not a bad thing, as their WiFi performance isn’t great.)

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Hello Chris thanks for your feedback. Question: Witch one is the spanner button on the telecommand?

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See HH’s picture above.

tks !