Richer sound

Sorry, late replying here.

Like others in the meantime, I’d advise getting the speakers firing across the room rather than down it, just within the bay window area as they are now.

Either side of the fireplace would fit with your current room layout.

Fireplaces between speakers can present other problems, but they’re likely to be less detrimental to the sound than what you have now with the bay window and firing down the room.

You already have coving and lots of soft furnishings, so that will keep HF reflections down. Are the framed pictures canvases or glazed frames?

Hi Michael,
Thanks for your contribution. I shall have to retain the listening area as illustrated with speakers firing across the room from the window side, albeit moved further into the room. I seem to have the speakers at the recommended spacing of 2m. I’m proposing to try the recommended listening configuration of an equilateral triangl, based on the 2m mase line.
I’m still waiting for my new Chord speaker cables. Are they made to order in China?
There are only two pictures in glazed frames.


Try moving the loudspeakers further apart. If the soundstage “splits” try toeing them in. There’s no guarantee that will improve things, but it might. Speakers on the short side of a long room don’t generally work too well. Neither do bare walls with glass in frames. Do you like tapestries or similar craft hangings?

Did SU require any alteration to settings to enable the NAP 250 to work, other than attaching the interface cable?

You need to go to the Speakers menu and select External, which will disable the internal power amp and enable the pre out, to which you connect the 250.
The cable supplied with the 250 is all you require.

Thank you so much for this info. I could have saved myself much anxiety and embarrassment! Wish I had your knowhow.

Interested to hear how you get on!

It’s been a few years since I had a Superuniti, but I’m pretty sure you’ll find this stuff in the manual!