Right channel dead. Probable cause?

Yesterday there was some crackling noise on right channel. Today it’s dead. Swapped channels worried it could be speaker but they’re fine.
Read of oxidation(?) on terminals. Any ideas before I start pulling system apart?

When I lost a channel on mine it was a failed relay in the preamp.

Is it all sources/inputs ? Mine was fine on the streamer but failed on the AV system.

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Probably a relay again.

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I’ll have to have a look tomorrow. Only streamer and LP12 as sources. It looks like it’s a trip to @Darran (who serviced them all four years ago). Oh, well…

Ok, just to make sure I’ve checked the preamp and both channels work when I listen to headphones via the Headline but I suppose they work independently from speakers.
I have also reset the remote to factory default just in case.
So, it looks the 282 is the culprit.
Has anyone had the same issue?

When you mono it do you get the left channel through both speakers?

No, I did try.

Nadgered. Sadly.

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Had the same happen to me, it was a stuck relay in the Preamp…

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I had a crackling on the left channel last year and lost the channel - turned out it was the NAP250DR, so best check everything out before forming any conclusions. Do you still get a low level hiss through the right hand speaker?

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Hi Richard, no hiss or noise of any kind. I’ve spoken to @Darran and he has discarded the 250.2 as the source of the problem. I’ve to postpone sending the 282 to him at the moment but will arrange for it to be serviced at a later date. In the meantime, I am using the humble Uniti in its place but will also try the NAC12 once I figure out how to best connect it to the 250/Supercap. :thinking:

OK. The NAC12 can be powered by the Supercap but it’ll need a SNAIC5-4, which is a rare special order cable…


Isn’t that the same cable used to connect my 12/120 units?

No, you use a SNAIC 4 to connect the NAP120 to the NAC12.

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err no… I said it is unlikely to be the 250.2 could be either piece or even a faulty Snaic…

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Thank you for clarifying that, Darran. Back to square one!:sunglasses:

Hi Richard, what about connecting the 120 to the output 3 on the supercap so I can discard the 250.2 as faulty? Which cable? Thanks.

You just need a Snaic4 to take signal from the supercap to the NAP120.

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Thanks, Richard.

Tony - Does your NAP120 have a preamp supply built in ?

If so you could plug the 120 into the 282 (Standard socket) and put the round link plug into Link 1 and the Paddle link plug into Link 2. This would allow you to rule out the SC and Snaic 5 cables if you still have the same issue when the 120 is in place of the 250.

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