Ripping dBpoweramp Off Line

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@Mike-B - not to hijack your thread (but all the other dBpa threads are locked…) Can you rip CDs offline with dBpa (no internet connection) and then update all the track/metadata later once connected? i have a backup pc without an ethernet connection or wifi that i was thinking about using for this.

??? … hmmm good question.
I’ve never been in that situation so haven’t tried it.
The CD contains all the metadata needed for making a succesful rip.
You will not get dPpoweramps “AccuratRip” as that does need an internet connection, but dBpoweramp has a nice ripping software that allows to set at various secure and rip pass levels, so it will copy the CD and although it takes longer than AccurateRip, its a perfect copy of that CD.
The ripped CD metadata has all you need, incl Album Title, Artist, Album-Artist, Genre, Track Numbers & Album Art.

And yes I’ve just tried it and it’s just as above

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Duh, that’s so Last Year! :grin:

Perfect Tunes also gets an update to R2024-1-09

many thanks!

you’re officially the dBpoweramp expert here I think

No no !!! not me, I ripped my whole CD collection back in 2014, thats about it. These days it hardly gets used more than a few times a year & only on the rare occasion that a download album is not available.

every time I have questions, you have answers :wink:

Mike, this confuses me. You post says that if you don’t have internet connection when you rip, it’s ok because the CD has the metadata, including tracks and art, so you can rip offline and get full metadata. It’s my understanding that the CD has a code and that’s needed to retrieve the metadata from online databases, and that if you rip offline you’ll get no metadata. I must be misreading what you wrote.

Hi Nigel, if you rip off line, the CD carries the required metadata including art as I said in my post.
An internet connection enables AccurateRip and gives the user a selection of other metadata houses and art.

I did test this before I posted, to be sure, I ripped x2 tracks from an album, shame I didn’t save the test as a screen shot with both dBp and MP3 Tag

PS =====- @HungryHalibut
… I ran the off line rip again and took some screen shots
My laptop Internet connection is turned off
Pic 1 dBpoweramp screen ripping CD with x2 tracks in Ultra Secure rip completed
Pic 2 Windows File Explorer screen showing x2 tracks loaded into ‘Music’
Pic 3 Windows F.E. showing dBpoweramp Edit ID Tags with all CD encoded metadata

super interesting. I was of the same opinion of HH that CD carried enough basic info (DNA, like number of tracks, total length, etc.) that enabled an online service to determine what it was and THEN download the data like album name, track names, art, etc.

who knew…

I do t know what you are doing, Mike, but our iMac connects to the router with wifi. If I turn the wifi off, dBPoweramp cannot get any data. It tries to access the databases, can’t, and hours to the manual search screen you’ll see below. I would never suggest you are wrong, being such a knowledgeable person, but in this case I suspect your computer is using wifi when you disconnect the ethernet. Some CDs do have a track listing built in, but they cannot carry album art. Unless you know otherwise….

I’m not a Mac user so can’t comment other than tell you what I do with my Windows-11

I turn my laptop off on the laptop sysytem screen (see pic) not the router.
With internet off I can still see all the laptop loaded Windows-11 system packages which includes the dBpoweramp Music Converter package that carries the CD Ripper.
I plug in the DVD drive into a USB port, open up the dBpweramp CD Ripper (loaded on the laptop), insert and rip the CD.
That loads onto my predesignated dBp Path to the Windows-11 “Music” folder.

Well, I’ve no idea how you are managing it, when there is no album art on CDs. One of life’s little mysteries.

I wonder if anyone else has tried doing what you are doing.

I’m pretty sure that no metadata is carried on a Red book compliant CD.

So where am I getting the data and art from when the laptops not connected to internet?

Not from the CD anyway.

This incidentally is why UnitiServe and even UnitiCore sometimes rip CDs as unknown album and unknown artist. It’s because the metadatabase doesn’t recognise that CD and there is no metadata on the CD to go for instead. It’s also why the recent Rovi change was so disruptive to the UnitiCore’s ripping function.

Just a thought - as you’re a Mac user, you might have an iPhone too, and it might have Personal Hotspot enabled…

Thus if your router is no longer connected to the internet, the Mac may auto connect to the Personal Hotspot and, hey presto, there’s you album art and meta data.

As I said, just a thought….


… to remove any posibilities, the NAS that has this CD loaded is also off.
My laptop is isolated & not connected to anything other than the DVD drive.

Mike’s doing it with a Windows PC, it’s me with a Mac.

Same route to internet can be set up with Windows PC/IOS/Android phone - just a bit more fiddly….

But as I said, just a guess at an alternative route to the net…. as we consider that to be the only reasonable source for the meta data/artwork???