Roger Waters - Dark Side of the Moon Redux

So it is official… ‘Crazy Rog’ has a made a ‘homage’ to the original Dark Side of the Moon - which could be interesting given his reasoning, but even so, reworking an acknowledged masterpiece is questionable. More details about the vinyl and CD variants etc available on the Super Deluxe Edition website. Released on the 6th October…

“Earlier this year, SDE was at the Dolby Atmos playback of the original version of The Dark Side of the Moon , when broadcaster Paul Gambaccini asked Nick Mason what he thought of Roger’s new version. “Annoyingly, it’s absolutely brilliant” came the answer.”


Looking forward to this, clearly not a rival of the original but very interesting none the less.


What format(s) is this being released in? If there’s an Atmos version, it would nice to have the option of an SACD or Blu-Ray Audio as well as the obligatory expensive fancy-schmancy vinyl.


Roger has just (in the last hour) posted up Money Redux on his youtube channel …very Leonard Cohen style

It looks like there’s isn’t an SACD or blu-Ray version for the initial release. From the SDE website…

“The album is available on CD and vinyl and there’s an Amazon-exclusive 2LP violet vinyl and an indie-only blue vinyl edition. Roger’s Official Global D2C Shop has an exclusive transparent orange vinyl edition, bundles with exclusive numbered prints and standard CD and vinyl editions.”

What a shame - just CD and vinyl? Throw in a cassette release and it could be 35 years ago!

Just sampled Money on Spotify. I like the conceit of doing it as a slow gravelly blues, but the lyrics went a bit oopsy-la-la (for want of a better phrase) later on.

It must be 35 years ago :joy:
Available to preorder on Rog’s website.


Personally, I like the arrangement, instrumentation and sound but the (expected) self indulgence of the lyric addition isn’t going to get it played again here. Others may feel differently, and that’s fine.


On first listen, I think it’s alright. Like the Cave/Cohen vibe. At least he’s tried to do something completely different from the overplayed version we’re all (over)familiar with.

I’ll be interested to hear what the “original composition” is on Side Four. “The Bar” perhaps?

Interesting observations as to what’s been released so far - not had the time to listen to anything yet - hopefully later. Really curious, but given his current outlook on life and apparent state of mind, mmm, wonder if this is the best decision of his career.

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I suppose he can do what he likes, Kevin. It’s not as if he needs the money, with a rumoured $350 million in the bank…


Que? Not possibke!

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Looks like its on Qobus as well.

Yes, quite true.

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Interesting, I think I like that, cheers.

I liked it up until he started waffling on in a spoken voice. Shame that ruined it for me.


Another release from Roger Waters, then. You might wonder how much milk a cow has…:sunglasses:


Madness, completely mad, he’s been mad for… years… :expressionless:


I had a listen……not for me, people were moaning about Elton not being able to sing🥺


The Dark Side Of The Loon? :crazy_face: