Roksan 20 vs vertere mg2

I love roksan sound and i m curious to know if someone has the possibility to compare the 2 decks…i was not able to find the price of the mg2 so i don t know what is the gap

Hi piebia,
I used to own a Xerxes 20+ with upgrade plinth and the better DS1.5 power supply, as per the picture below:

My Roksan dealer took it in part exchange for a Vertere MG-1 with the Vertere SG-1 tonearm, as below:

The Vertere deck is clearly inspired by the design of the Xerxes 20+, as Touraj designed both of them.

Their sound characters are very similar, though the newer design takes everything up several notches in performance. My dealer swapped his TMS2 for a Vertere MG-1, which is a guide to how good it is.

An internet search will provide some guide prices for the MG-1 with SG-1 tonearm, though do take your dealer’s advice re cables, as you can double the price of the turntable if you max out the cables.

Best regards, BF


Thanks a lot bluesfan.
I supposed it was comparable with xerses but you answered me that it it better than tms, so definitely in another league of xerses.
My question is because I fall in love of the wand tonearm and i think that xerses is better match than my lp12…with your answer I presume that vertere with its tonearm is a totally different experience

The sound replayed by the Vertere MG-1 is really similar in character to the Xerxes, just better in every way - pitch stability, timing, dynamics, quiet background etc etc. If you like the Xerxes (which I do), the MG-1 would be fabulous.

Hope this helps, BF

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What cartridge are you using with the Vertere ?
Is any particular cartridge recommended ?

Hi Stan,
Touraj always used to recommend the Roksan Shiraz and more recently seems to like the Soundsmith ranges, especially the not very cheap Soundsmith Hyperion.

However, Vertere has recently launched its own cartridge, the Vertere Mystic at £2,000 in the UK.

I carried over a Dynavector XX-2 mk2 from the Xerxes, which works an absolute treat. However, it’s about time to change, so I’ll call my friendly Naim & Vertere dealer to seek his counsel on such matters. He has this encyclopaedic knowledge of all matters turntableish.

Best regards, BF

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Many thanks.
I’d be interested to know what your dealer says.

I have the MG1 mk1 with an Audio Technica Art9. Its stunning. The prat timing and detail is superb. The DG1 is a nice piece of kit as well- heard this with the new Apheta


As a slight aside I was at the Vertere factory last year, Touraj did some work to my TMS (Artemiz/modified Shiraz) and set it up. We then sat in the listening area and listened to a few tracks on the TMS. I commented that I hadn’t yet heard a DG1, so we played the same tracks on that. I felt it ran the TMS closer than I expected, the bass control and pace was slightly better on the DG-1, and it was strong in all other areas. I felt the TMS was overall more musical and handled midrange and tops quite a bit better. Touraj preferred the DG-1.

RichardD are they night and day? What i mean is if they (dg1 and mg1) are so far.
Usually dg1 is auditioned with an entry level cart…you auditioned it with an high level cart

This is confusing to me. An entry level can match an high end like tms? So is dg1 so near to the rest of the family?

I was surprised how good the DG1 was. I felt personally that the TMS was significantly better at communicating music, but not in a way where the DG1 was shown to be poor. It was a bit like the description of the difference between the TMS and the MG2, similar characters, but for me the TMS had more of everything (except bass control). Touraj will tell you that modern materials make a big difference. At less than £4K with Vertere phono stage I’d say the DG1 is a bargain at its level.

I’ve absolutely to audition it. Did you have the opportunity to compare it with new rega 10?

I’m afraid not. I’m not in the market for a new deck, I’m really happy with the Vertere powered TMS, this listen to the DG1 was just a chance thing when in the factory.

if your tms don’t exist the dg1 would be an option?

Yes, but I’d certainly want to listen to the MG2 as well. And the RP10, LP12…

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Ciao Bluesfan
did you have the opportunity to compare mg1 with dg1?..what’s your opinion?

I love new emt hsd006 it is the hi fi version of the tsd15 with the ultradynamic character.
how’s the matching with dg1 tonearm?

Hi piebia,
I have yet to hear the DG-1. If I was starting with a Xerxes 20+ (which I did!), I would be looking at an MG-1 though.

Are you planning an audition or are you just curious?

A good intermediate step is to fit the Vertere motor controller to your Xerxes, as a few very happy owners have done.

Which tonearm do you have on your Xerxes?

Best regards, BF

I’d echo that, the Vertere motor controller and Vertere Phono 1 phone stage were a very large uplift over my DS1.5 and Artaxerxes.

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