Rolling Thunder Revue 1975

Sony’s 14 CD box set, featuring 5 live concerts plus rehearsals from Bob Dylan’s famous Rolling Thunder Revue of '75 is now on sale on the river (release date early June). Just 53 quid. Grab it in case the price goes up !!

There’s a price guarantee - the river promises to charge you the lowest price they charge from ordering to the release date.


You gotta hand it to Bob and the team they really do set an example when it comes to the fans.

Quality and quantity at a reasonable price.

This release is on my list not only because I’m a big Dylan fan but also a huge admirer of Mick Ronson.

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What is The River?


Now £59.99, which is still a bargain. No sign of a hi-res version yet, so I’ve pre-ordered to hedge my bets.


He who hesitates… Didn’t get my finger out in time and missed this - CD set now sold out on Amazon hopefully they will re-stock.

Andy it is even cheaper on now. And it is available.

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err, not released until 7 June so not even in stock yet. Buy from Bob Dylan store and it comes with a couple of extras as a limited edition version.

What I mean is it is available to order on at a great price but not now possible to order on
Regarding the ‘special’ pack on Bob’s site, all you get extra is a poster and a keyring - and you pay a lot extra ( about 40 dollars last time I looked) for them !! That’s almost double the standard box price !!

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Yes, extra items not up to much, not for +£40. I have ordered a standard copy from my local vinyl store in Sheffield.

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Very wise move :grinning:
From a Donny exile :sunglasses:

Haha, sunglasses not needed over in Donny or Sheffield today, right wet’un.

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A hard rain is required here on the south-east coast.

Back up on the River. Seems like demand is high for this set.

Just watched the Scorsese R.T. “documentary”. Cleverly done, and you’ll have to watch it a few times to sort the fake from the real, and to spot everybody. But it was absolutely great. Joni jamming Coyote with Bob et. al. was alone, worth the price of admission.


Lots fakery framing the performances and original footage from 1975. The performances are mesmerising and I would have liked more of them, especially of the rehearsals and other off stage music making like Coyote, and Simple Twist of Fate in the mahjong parlour. I’m not sure about the fakery, I feel it might wear a bit thin after a couple of viewings. But the Bob and the band, and Bob with Joan performances are magnificent. I almost cried as the duet of I Shall Be Released began, and that performance of Hard Rain seems more relevant than ever now.

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I agree about the performances. I’d like to have seen much more of them. Perhaps there’s an opening to edit and release a music-only movie as well. What was shown is still enough to dispel any doubt that the guy deserves is legendary status. And I’m always bewildered by Joni. Her melody, timing and pitch seem other-worldly. So complex, yet she does it so (apparently) effortlessly.

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Some fakery noted here.

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On the Woman of Heart and Mind documentary, Joni said " How can there be weird chords ?” she asks. “Chords are depictions of emotions. These chords that I was getting by twisting the knobs on the guitar until I could get these chords that I heard inside that suited me—they feel like my feelings. I called them chords of inquiry. They have a question mark in them. There were so many unresolved things in me that those chords suited me.”

I’ve said before that I think she’s one of the major 20th century poets, she had the courage and the musical genius to pick musical arrangements that fitted that poetry and not worry whether they were “weird”.


And, of course, similar applies to Bob, too. His creativity seems endless, still on going in 2019, and about to begin again next week.

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