Room is Hell

Ok, so my room is acoustic hell. The speakers have to be on the short wall, with a couch between and hard against the wall on one side, there is sheet glass on three sides and it is connected to the rest of the house via an open plan stairwell. About 25m2.

Looking for speaker help! Currently running three-way small floorstanders (Image Troubadours for anyone familiar with Aussie and NZ brands) and they are boomy and the balance is skewed towards the speaker that is against the wall.

Despite all of this is still sounds ok but I have an opportunity to change my speakers so looking for advice on options that would be more or less placement agnostic. Up to about $2k US (or about 1500 quid in old money). ($4000 NZD max).

Currently thinking maybe Rega Rx3 or Spendor A2/4, or maybe some Fynes… what does the hive mind think?

My vote would go to the Rega RX3, they are a much-undervalued speaker. I lived a pair happily for several years before upgrading.

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If the room is that ‘bad’ - maybe you’d get more improvement spending half the budget on room acoustics.

I’m having trouble visualising this though. Could you post a couple of photos?


i’ll try and get some pics when I’m at home,

I’d agree with Andy and look at some low cost room treatment first, there are plenty of cheap DIY points to start with. I’ve recently done this in my listening room.

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As others have indicated, with the room the problem any speakers will be a compromise and problems will still exist. Better to first of all rethink tge room - is there REALLY no alternative layout? (How important is it for music to sound good?). No alternative room? Room treatment may help. But if constraints are too many then perhaps consider headphones for whenever you want good quality, and put up with what you have for unimportant background listening.

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Firstly, turn the heating down, it’ll give you a chance to think!
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What are the dimensions of the room, a diagram would help considerably.

Next advice is to get a calibrated instrumentation mic (such as a DSP UMIK) and a copy of REW and analyse the acoustics of the room to see what’s really going on (I and other here can help with the interpretation).

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thats a good idea actually thanks, I never thought of running an analysis. I’ll suss that out…

Hi Kiwimarra,

My immediate thought is measure the room with REW and try and get a feel for what the acoustics of the room are. It may be that DSP is your best friend.

That said, I spent some time trying to work out some acoustic problems and found the solution to be SBLs, but the only way to know if a speakers can solve your issue is to try it in the room.

Are your dealers friendly enough to send you the boxes to try if you cover the shipping?

That IS one HELL of a room!


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dealer is happy to let me take whatever speakers they have home to trial so no issues there. Options via them are Rega, totem Fyne and Focal, there is also another dealer locally that I can borrow Spendors and MA from so plenty of choices.

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I bet it’s the final answer!

Certainly is for me …but I HAVE to stop looking at photos of SL2s. :wink:

Oddly enough there are both SBL and some SL2’s for sale second hand here at the moment…

Try the Totems, they sound very nice with Naim!

You should buy the sl2 if they are in good condition

There is a guy selling some Ohm Walsh speakers, I have never heard them but they are apparently not fussy about placement and get some good reviews. $3999. Can be found on Trade Me.

Yeah I saw that - I’m intrigued by the design though I’m not familiar

Not sure you want a loudspeaker that bounces sound off every surface…

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Apparently yes.