Room temperature

Hi guys

Just a quick one…

My stereos in my garage with two quite large patio doors that face the sun in the afternoon…
I’m a bit worried cos I’ve recorded temps up to 28deg in there with the doors shut…
just a bit worried that in the summer it’s gonna be 35 degrees plus!!

Will this harm the system?

Basically, do I need air con!!

My listening room is my conservatory so high summer temps are to be expected. For this reason I have a 5kW Daikin wall mount air conditioner. It heats in Winter too.

We have those types of temperatures and haven’t had any issues. @Pete_the_painter gets higher temperatures than that, but I think he uses air conditioning, I just open the doors! Anyway, the units have thermal cut-outs, but I’d suggest keeping them out of direct sunlight in hot weather.

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Massive error by myself! I got underfloor heating cos was concerned about the winter temps… but never thought about the summer heat…

I do commercial air con for a living but not resi!
Might have to air con up!

How much did you pay btw ?

Would it not be cheaper to buy a pair of curtains. :thinking:


I think the unit was about 600ish plus a bit of pipe work, lagging and wall bracket for the outdoor unit.

I’ve got heat reflecting frosting but it seems to do the Sq root of FA!
Thought about a blind / curtains but if I pull them I’ll have to crawl under them when exit the room…

I would email Naim and ask them what the recommended ambient temp range is, as it does not seem to be in the manual as for most other electric equipment. I very much doubt that equipment is fine at 25 but in danger of being damaged at 35. It is a significant difference for humans but peanuts otherwise. The amps at least have temp sensors anyway to protect themselves when running hot for other reasons. Sure you will reach that temp faster if you stress the gear in heat, but other than that …

Yeah totally agree…

Thanks for the advice mate

Vertical blinds will do the job. They come with a piece of string at one end, pull it and the blinds part.

Ideal for people unable to open a pair of curtains. :grinning:

Or build yourself an brise-soleil.

The thread title made me re all the question regarding a bottle of wine recommending drinking at room temperature: “Is this room at room temperature?”

As per the previous post, check what the recommended max temp is. Aside from that, IIRC Naim amps have thermal cutouts to prevent damage in the event of overheating: if that is correct, then if they don’t cut out they are fine. This may be the key thing to check.

When I read the thread title I fully expected considerations of optimum temp for bass response. There was a thread once asking members what they are doing about atmospheric pressure :crazy_face:

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Just had to google brise soleil… got an F in french!!

I’m seriously not that technical… :joy:

Sad, but true. :nerd_face:

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Very rarely use the air con in summer, we have a house that’s designed to take advantage on the cool easterly breezes (off the ocean). Think on average we’d only use it 4-5 times in summer. We do use air con (just about to replace the main unit) to warm the place in winter occasionally.

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How about a dry ice machine. Keep your feet cool as well. :grinning:

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I do get a breeze but it’s off the Southend on sea estuary :laughing:

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To answer the topic though heat hasn’t caused me any issues and I’m sure it get hotter here, as Mike said direct sunlight is a bigger concern.


Thanks mate.

Appreciate the advice

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