Roon and Naim Nova the Lost Connection


I experiment some severe issues with Roon : it works fine and then disconnect from the Nova (the Nova is still listed as an Airplay device but not as a Roon device).
To get it work, I have to unplug my Nova and then to plug it again. It’s a systematic issue and occurs every time I use Roon.

I am pretty sure it’s not a core or a router issue.

My Nova is still under warranty. What should I do ?

Thank you

These sorts of issues are often network issues. It would help if you posted your network details so than people can advise appropriately.


I am pretty sure it’s not a Network issue as my connection is very good and this doesn’t happen when I use the Naim App or Audirvana.

For the Core it’s an IMac 5K, 2017, i7, 32go, SSD.
The files are on my Synology NAS connected to my Router by Ethernet. The Router, the Core and the Nova are in the same room and it’s a 5Ghz network.

Why are you using AirPlay? The Nova is a fully supported Roon Endpoint, so you can use Roon RAAT.


I never use Airplay. It’s not even activated but when Roon looses connection with the Nova, I can’t see the Nova listed as a Roon compatible device but I can see it listed with Airplay compatible devices.

Intermittent endpoints points to a network issue and possibly to do with how your networks devices are dealing with Roons discovery broadcasts. What make of router and WiFi are you using is it just an ISP boz, have you added additional WiFi solutions to it?

Is you Mac running the core wireless? If so its strongly recommended to have the core machine wired, whilst is can and may work wireless is not best used for the core due to unreliable nature of wireless, Roon I’ll be hogging your wireless airtime as its very active network wise… Check your router for any multicast settings and try setting them differently as they can often interfere with Roon discovery.

Can you run the core directly from the nas?


Thank you for the reply. I use only one router (no other wireless point) and unfortunately it’s not possible for me to use rely the core to the router by Ethernet. I don’t really understand why this happen because it doesn’t occurs when using Audirvana, the Nas App or the Naim App to stream music (even if it’s high-res). Some people who encountered the same issue were asked, in the Roon forum, to contact the manufacturer (Naim) for « Raat » issue on their devices.

I don’t know if it’s relevant but I hear a « click » from the Nova when it disconnect from Roon

Thank you Garyi,
I don’t’ think it’s possible for me because my NAS doesn’t seems powerful enough to serve as a Core (Synology DS414).

If it’s not showing up in Roon as a device then it’s 99% network related. Doesnt really matter if it shows up via Airplay or AudiVana or the Naim app as it’s using a different discovery method to Roons RAAT. Most common cause is poor multicast handling of the network gear. It’s very rare that this is the hardware at fault. Are you getting the refused to playback message or it just disappears as an endpoint? These are different issues . You have not said what make of gear it is. There are known issue with certain routers so knowing this may help. Have you raised a support request on Roons forum as they should be able to look at your logs and see what’s happening.

You need to get the core off the imac, even Apple dont use Apple for networking or servers. If the iMac is wireless as well, even worse.

Are you looking in the right place? When people say this it often turns out that they haven’t enabled the device in the settings menu, so it then doesn’t appear as an available endpoint.
In Roon, go to Settings > Audio and make sure the Nova is enabled as a Roon Ready device, not just as an Airplay device.
If you’ve done that and it’s still not showing, then yes, it may be a network issue.

Though this would typically not lead to an intermittent issue, it would usually be enabled or not. The OP, however, wrote “it works fine and then disconnect from the Nova! (the Nova is still listed as an Airplay device but not as a Roon device).”, and unplug/replug of the Nova helps

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Yes, I realise that but the wording is not 100% clear, and I believe the OP is not a native English speaker, so best to eliminate this as a possible cause with a very simple fix before looking at other possibilities.

I agree, the possibility should be ruled out


It doesn’t display any message, it just stop playing music and disappear from active and activable devices.

For the router, it’s BBox Ultym Wi-Fi 802.11 AC.

Well, let’s say that they have a very perfectible support service… you can wait a longtime to get a generic answer that doesn’t fixe anything.

That sounds like the Nova going i to standby mode. If there’s a network discovery issue causing Roon not to be discovered by the Nova it may decide to put itself into standby.
You could try setting auto standby time to Never.


Yes I am looking at the good place.
Best regards

The guys from Roon were right, I am know having the same issue with Audirvana. Is it possible that the failure comes from the Wifi module of the Nova ?