Roon - do you use it? (Poll)

In the current “Out with Roon, in with the Naim app” thread, someone said:

“One or two people on this thread have stated that they have tried Roon and don’t understand its attraction. However, I can’t help but feel that they must be in the minority.”.

It occurs to me that there is one way to get an indication. So, do you use Roon as your primary streaming library/control software? This is regardless of whether you stream from your own stored files or from an online streaming service. Please ignore this poll if you don’t stream at all.

Do you use Roon as your primary streaming library/control software?
  • Yes
  • No

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I wonder how do you creare a poll on the Naim forum? I can’t figure it out previously when I wanted to do a poll earlier this year.

Open the text box and select the wheel symbol (top right) and it’s an option there.

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@Richard.Dane, could I trouble you, please, to move this into the Streaming Audio room, as my attempt to do so failed. Thanks.

It’s in the wrong room for Roon…….


Thanks. Got it.

It has nothing for me and I don’t do subscription pricing. Asset and vTuner via either Naim app or Volumio make accessing my music as easy as a couple screen taps. If it ain’t broke…


Just for clarification, this thread is purely trying to assess what it says, to find what proportion of forum members who stream do so using Roon. Certainly it appears from from the many posts over the past several years that Roon ‘hits the button’ in respect of at least some people’s desires for their streaming experience - so much so that IIUC recent Naim products are “Roon ready” so facilitating integration with Roon. But is this the mainstream desire of forum members apen masse, or or are Roon preferrers a minority, however vocal they may be? (N.B. Nothing positive or negative regarding Roon is intended in setting up this poll.)

The attractions for me are

DSP, I run a digital filter to deal with some of my room /speaker issues (game changer for me as I have often posted here)

Roon Extensions - Roon allows 3rd party extensions (to a limited subset of controls) and my favourite extensions allow me control music from my apple watch and pick a random album (from my collection) to play when music ends.

Tags. I tag every album I rip. I started when I ripped my collection for a house retrofit in 2017 when the CDs went (and stayed) in storage (now in attic). I had a system where each shelf of CDs was named and I tagged this shelf name (A-1 etc.) and put them in a box with the same name. I tag cheery red and ace albums so i can easily locate and play a section of them. Currently I’m listening to albums I’ve ripped in 2022 so far by adding the tag “2022” to the play queue but focusing out classical as that’s my preference.

I have an Auralic streamer which has its own very decent app (similar to Naim) but I would really miss not having Roon.

And then there is the things that I know totally take form granted in that it works with my Bluesound Flex in the kitchen, Bluesound sound bar in the TV room, Bluesound powernode in the bedroom and KEF LS50wII in the office. I can move queues between all these “zones” and even play music in them all at the same time or play the same music in them all at the same time - an d control it all from the one app. And if I get a the new Naim streamer that will simply slot in too.

And although I was not one of those clamouring for a Roon mobile solution the fact that on holidays in Galway and Brussels this year I could listen to music from my own system at home was far more pleasing than I expected. To have all my playlists, tags and the many albums I own that are not on streaming platforms was really great.

Now I’m not a sycophant, for me they are a bit like Naim. The company that existed (or I thought existed) when I bought my Naim initially (2005-9) I know no longer exits. I feel Roon is similarly changing, where once I felt part of a community I know feel just like a regular customer. Whilst dealing with them is not quite like dealing with Microsoft its certainly heading in that direction. Victims of their success no doubt, again similarly with Naim, the more profitalble they are the more they move away from the smaller company that I “bought” into. My Naim amps and speakers still sound great as does Roon. All just tools to musical enjoyment.



Streamers come with adapted support for Spotify, Airplay2, Qobuz etc. So I can just keep it simple and choose the local music-server I think sounds best and for me it is Melco and UPnP.

I tried it for a month, but as it needs the PC to be on all the time because I don’t have a Roon Core, it is too much of a faf to stick with. I liked the features, very good interface, but extra money was just a step too far.


You can run it on a headless Intel NUC for very little money.


I find the Naim app on my iPad & iPhone works for me in streaming my music from Qobuz, my NAS and Internet Radio.

I play full albums 99+% of the time and do not need playlists or suggestions. Happy with the discussions on here in the “What are you listening to in 2022 and why might anyone be interested” and the different music threads. For band information the internet is at my fingertips. …different strokes for different folks.


I have Roon but prefer Innuos.

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I’ve been exploring streaming over the last couple of years, and I currently use just Tidal via the BluOS app in my Bluesound Node. For the price, I’m happy with the sound quality, and I really appreciate being able to effortlessly explore new music, however I find the limitations of the streaming model frustrating.

Let’s say I search for an artist, and click the heart icon for that artist, one or two of their albums, and one or two of their tracks. There’s very little else I can to in terms of making those selections easily accessible to me in future. Tidal allows me to add individual tracks to a playlist; reorder those tracks; and create single level folders to organise playlists. That’s it. There’s next to nothing in terms of taxonomy or metadata. Playlists only recognise individual tracks, so they’re of little use for multiple albums, symphonies, and so on.

Every artist, track, and album should have a slew of metadata readily available: genre, sub-genre, country, year, and so on. It should also allow me to create my own tagging system, and, optionally, import tagging systems created by others. It should have a way of filtering these taxonomies so I can check some boxes to show only the music I have that’s e.g. chamber music from Germany or Austria from the early 20th century, and easily add individual tracks, works, or albums to the playing queue, or to a playlist, for later exploration.

I’m aware that Roon does the metadata and tagging thing to some extent, but my impression is that its primary function is to organise digital music from multiple sources into a single interface, which is admirable, but not something I have a big need for. But I’m not aware of any software that will give me the functionality I need, so I will sign up for a trial subscription at some point, when I know I’ll have enough time to really explore it before the month runs out.

Happy to be told I’m missing something here, of course :wink:

Moved for you.

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I think only a trial will work. Roon is a tool with a diverse set of capabilities, and different people will use it in different ways.
I use it as my primary control for most audio playback now… the Naim app is good at what it does, but I find too restrictive… and so other than supporting the beta programme I don’t use it.
I find Roon is great for providing consistency across a multitude of playout options and devices from different manufacturers at home and away… and it allows me to easily manage and proof listen to masters of my own music on various devices before publishing, as well researching other published works. For me a lot more useful than the more limited UPnP DLNA capabilities… but then that is me.

But I guess I use Roon as a tool rather than as just some fancy remote control so it works for me… and Naim’s integration to Roon is rather good, which is a nice bonus.


Tried it. Didn’t especially like it. Got an Innuos. Tried it again. The Innuos sounded better. End of it for me.

Roon 100% and 100% of the time into my NDS/555DR via SonoreUPnP Bridge

The Interface
Metadata on the Artist, the Album, their discography, concerts, Wiki pages (latest release), web & social media links
Artist images
Any format support, including 1st unfold of MQA
Internet Radio with real-time metadata, FLAC support (also a streamed MQA trial)
Multi manufacturer support for endpoints (heterogeneous rather than homogeneous multi-room for a full home approach)
Roon Display
Roon ARC
DSP with convolution filters for individual headphones

Plus improvements & new functionality being developed.
I am a Roon Lifetime subscriber from 2016, following early use in 2015 on the first Beta version, so any costs are well sunk at this point, but compared to equipment cost it is still a fraction.

I do maintain Asset UPnP server running on a striped down RPi2 and the Naim App, as backup. Also a Beta tester of the Naim App since n-Stream, which attracted me to the Naim range with a ND5XS/NP5XS from Squeezebox, LMS and iPeng over 10-years ago.
But I have to look at the incremental functionality of the Naim App between then and now, verses Roon.


Roon is great! And now with the Roon ARC i could finally skip my streaming services.