Roon, NAC 272 and Muso Qb2

I really like Roon but as every one will be aware it does not work with the NAC 272. I have a core on a NAS drive. MY question is if I use the MUso qb2 which is Roon ready in multi room mode with the NAC 272 is the sound quality coming from the mu so qb2 and being streamed to the NAC 272 or is the NAC 272 own streamer being used?

Any help would be appreciated on this.


Get a Sonore upnp Bridge.

Just worried about loss of sound quality

Just plug the Bridge into your network and it should allow Roon to interface with the 272.

Why loss of SQ?

No loss of sound quality with a bridge

Thats great and an easy CHEAPish solution

Can you buy from uk or does it have to be usa?

In the past I used an Allo Digione (that was before the Signature Digione was released) into an ND5XS – this worked a treat too. And as you note, this doesn’t cost the world – certainly not by Naim standards…

So I received the señore upnp. Loaded roon.
The sound is dramatically reduced. It’s like some one putting a plastic bag over speakers .
To make sure it’s not the internet I listened to the same song on the Naim app which is far better.
Any suggestions?


Sounds like the power supply to the Sonore UPNP might need revision.

I had to put an apple usb plug on end of cable as it came with USA plug connectors.
What would be a better power supply?
The quality has down graded at least £5k it could be Roon or the señores?


Can’t be switch?

I use lms-to-upnp with no issues (on a Mac, can run on a suitable NAS). Details here…

Those Apple chargers are pretty noisy things, so I don’t think it’ll be helping.
Roon have never claimed that their transport sounds any better than UPnP, but I do think it can sound as good. Worth persevering, I would say.

Thanks for that. I am not looking to improve sound with Roon but definitely cannot live with the sound reduction I am receiving comparing like for like with Naim app.

This Hifi thing can lead you to despair!!!
I’m going to try a better Ethernet cable not sure I want to waste any more money on power cables but at least I know it can be as good as Naim app.

I have read the post suggested but that did not really explore the issue of sound reduction but just how to set Roon up in the first place.

My thoughts are just to get a dedicated source like the nucleus but worried now it will sound crap.


Just fired email of to Sonore to see what they suggest.

Tried an ifi plug and it made a big difference

I would expect that to be a bit better than an iPhone charger, although it may be worth experimenting with some other PSUs if you have the patience and can demo them with the option to return.
Rather than focusing exclusively on power supplies, it might be worth checking your Roon configuration. It’s easy to change the Roon Core settings on their app, and generally I find it best to keep things like DSP turned off.

Nucleus is an expensive solution for a roon core.
I have changed over to using an Innuos Zen Mini MkIII. I did have firstly an nucleus+, then an Intel NUC7i5 for my roon core.

Can you plug a usb SSD drive into the Sonore upnp bridge USB port and this acts as core? Just thinking might be another option rather than a NAS drive which i use at the moment.
Also the sound quality has picked up, not sure why. The volume going to full volume is very very annoying to.