Roon vs Audivarna set up on NDS - life in the old dog yet!

Hi forum members,

Over the weekend I have played around with setting up Audivarna studio (on trial) on a spare but well specced PC connected to LAN via Ethernet. I have set up output to NDS and it’s worked really well with Qobuz now accessible via the audivarna remote on iPad Pro. Sound quality is excellent and I have not noticed any difference vs locally stored UPnP files on my Synology NAS also connected via Ethernet.

Question I have is if I can use the pc solution to implement Roon in the same way? Noting NDS is not a room end point but Roon offer desktop headless bridge software solution also?

Would welcome your thoughts and experience.

Many thanks and regards

Hi, the device running roon bridge needs to be connected to the audio output device via direct connection, so coax or optical or usb etc. it doesn’t work via an Ethernet connection.
I’m also not sure if you can run roon desktop and roon bridge on the same device.

I feed a qb via roon bridge → usb dac → qb line in. I can’t use the roon bridge → ndx2 over my network.

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You could consider running the LMS2UPnP software which can sit on your network without any onward connection to your NDS. This allows you to use Roon with your NDS. Many of us on the forum use this solution with Roon and it works very well.

I run my LMS2UPnP solution on a RPi but there are quite a few different options available now including the RooUPnP extension. This simplifies the installation of the LMS2UPnP software on a RPi but you have to pay a license fee. Worth having a search on the both the Naim and Roon forums


Thank you, that’s very helpful.

Thank you, I will investigate this - may prove beyond my tech capabilities however :slight_smile:

I must add that audivarna qobuz solution is working brilliantly especially with kernel streaming cutting out windows and going direct to NdS. Hardly any difference between local NAS files and qobuz! I may have stumbled upon a neat solution that extends NDS lifetime!


I’ve used Audirvana Studio and Qobuz as integrated for a decade. It’s been used in various configurations.

  • ToSlink to Naim DAC
  • Moon 180 streamer to Devialet 250
  • Devialet Air
  • UPNP
    -UPNP to Naim NSC222
    It’s always been better sound than any other app I have tried. It also has the advantage that I can implement EQ for my specific headphones (on my office Atom HE) and saves me spending an extra £1000 for better headphones (mine are Focal Elegia).
    Strongly recommend Audirvana - there’s no need to go to Roon.

Thank you, Brendan. Much appreciated

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I use Audirvana going to my nds with upnp and its brilliant, sounds top notch and is easy to use. iv never tried roon though

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Another Audirvana user. Audirvana on Mac mini to NDS via Ethernet. After many efforts to optimize parameters in Audirvana, I must say that once finetuned it is equal to mConnect, not better as regards SQ. Uniti Core gives a better SQ even if it is nuance: a bit more structured reading of the music. I have the impression to get less hang-ups with Audirvana than with mConnect, although it is difficult to be sure… Audirvana is substantially user-friendlier of course.

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Thank you, a week on and I am really enjoying the additional dimension it has brought to the NDS with the ability to use Qobuz. The sound quality is excellent and, to my ears, better than tidal native in NDS.


the only hangups iv had with audirivana were down to memory alocation in the app itself. have a play with it, i had mine set too high for a bit

Thanks Damien, will keep that in mind.

The other thing to bear in mind, you can set an album off on audirivana but use the remote app if you want to skip tracks etc, you can do it with the nds remote but i ran into problems doing this

Do you mean that you have a better result not setting the buffer at the maximum level in Audirvana ?

yea thats it mate, my mac has 8gb. i set audirivana to 4000mb, anything higher than that and i get dropouts on high res stuff. what is yours set to? and how much ram do you have?

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Same Mac mini with 8 GB and I set Audirvana on 7 GB. I will try 4 and let you know how it goes.
Apart from that, I have noticed that I more hangups when the internet is busy: evenings and week-ends.

mine hasnt paused or dropped out since adjust this mate, give it a go and let me know.

Logically i set mine to almost maximum because it seemed like the buffer was running out causing an issue but it didnt seem to work that way for me

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My spare PC that is hosting Audivarna has 16GB RAM and I have set buffer at 8GB. Apart from the initially day or so I have not experienced dropouts.

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maybe that is the best place for this setting, around half of system momory

Yes 32GB Mac and set at 16…

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