Rush Moving Pictures 40th Anniversary

40th Anniversary Rush Moving Pictures

Just listened through the deluxe set and I’m pleased to say it’s the best version I’ve ever heard. What a great job … looking forward to the Super Deluxe with all the extras coming next week. Anyone heard it yet?


CD or vinyl?

Vinyl Ryder :+1: it’s direct to metal and half speed master. I can hear more detail, more texture on the guitar and NP drums are slightly tighter.

Nice. Need to investigate as Rush are my favourite band and I did not even know about this! So standard vs deluxe, is it just fluff or is there something that justifies the huge price differential? Going to have a listen on Qobuz now :grin:

It’s been in the making for a few years now the anniversary was 2020 but with various issues it hasn’t materialised until now. There’s the single album which is the DM half master, a deluxe with live in YYZ 1981 with unreleased performances and a special booklet with Hugh Syme unreleased illustrations. Then there’s the Super Deluxe with loads of other stuff. Both deluxe sets will go through the roof once they’ve sold out.

Hmm sounds like the plain deluxe for me then! SD too rich for me

Listening to it on Qobuz now. See what you mean about the drums! Really punchy. Anything that emphasises Neil Peart is good in my book!


The hi-res qobuz feed sounded excellent compared to older CD versions I know.

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I don’t stream, but this is the best vinyl version I’ve ever heard too … better than the other copies I’ve got (see other collector post :wink::joy:)

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I didn’t really listen to Rush until I suspect the early 2000s - a few college pals were huge Rush fans, and this was an album I enjoyed ‘from the off’.

Need to do a back to back with the other hi res versions but this sounds better than I remember them sounding for sure

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I bought several Rush hi-res downloads a few years ago from Qobuz - this seemed a lot clearer with a freshness/airiness I don’t recall but in all honesty I’ve not compared the purchase to the new version which I can now stream in hi-res having upgraded my Qobuz membership.

Oh dear, an “anniversary” edition……

……of my favourite album from one of my favourite bands.

There goes next weeks pension! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


Many agree that it’s their best album and was the one that finally broke them world wide.

I think they have a great catalogue and each album has merit. Roll the bones is also great a few fans went off them in the 90s with their full on use of synth and influences from bands like The Fixx. It’s quite amazing what three guys can produce.

I’ve seen every UK gig from Permanent Waves onwards … they were an incredible talent


Impressive, my college pals did every gig they could too, rarely for other bands.

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40th anniversary. This makes me feel old!!

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Saw them four times over the years: Birmingham NEC x 2 in 1992; Toronto in 1996; Birmingham NEC again in 2004. Fabulous band - true originals.

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I would have been at those UK shows … weird world :love_you_gesture:

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We were too busy air drumming to notice each other - or the 20,000 others in the room doing the same :laughing:


Only saw them once sadly. Permanent waves tour at the Southampton gaumont