Russ Andrews PowerBlock

Hi all hope you are all good, I think I know the answer to my own question but here goes.

Has anyone had any experience of this product and if so did it work with your Naim gear? Amongst other things It has an integrated power surge filter which I suspect will have a degrading effect on sound quantity. I would be very interested in any user comments.

Also the reason I could be interested is that there is a considerable saving on the original price of £959 currently from RA.

As you know, Naim have found these types of devices to degrade SQ, however some people have found an improvement. The difference in responses is different ears, and more importantly different houses power supply. If you can return if there is no improvement, then that might be worth considering.

All that means is that you’d be paying less to make your system sound worse. Never ever buy anything because it’s cheap. Only buy what you actually want or need.


I’ve had one for 20 years:

With a few of their (now old) PowerKords, made a very noticeable change for the better to my (mainly home cinema) system at the time, though this was pre-Naim.

As my Naim system has been added on to it, I’ve not noticed any problems though (full disclosure) I’ve never tried A-Bing the Naim system with and without the Russ Andrews stuff. Maybe I should, but both my systems sound so good and enjoyable to me that I’ve got no pressing desire to.

If you’re desperate to know, I might have chance to do a quick comparison this afternoon, just for fun…


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Speak to Grahams HiFi in London, and order a Hydra. Far better than a mains block, but only for Naim equipment - so an Armageddon is all right, but a Linngo is not.


I make my own no snake oil required. :+1:t2:


It might also help to know what gear you currently have, and what power cables are being used?

Well, I had twenty minutes or so to spare, and thought I probably should see if the PowerBlock made any difference to my Naim system or not. So, using the Prologue from John Williams’ 1991 score to Hook (a great track I know well which is also good for testing):

  • System as was, powered up for ages, everything apart from the NAPSC powered via the PowerBlock: Yes, very nice, thank you.

  • Power down, unplug PowerBlock, replug whole system directly to the same wall socket using a scummy old (fused) 3-way block, just because I needed three sockets and it’s all I could lay my hands on:

Yes, still nice. Maybe one bit of brass bite sounded smoother but generally the treble’s gained a rough edge I don’t like and it’s a bit congested in complex passages. Not dreadful, but not an improvement to my ears.

Now, the power cycle might have changed things, so let’s revert to the original…

  • Power down, everything back as was: ah, that’s made everything feel like it’s timing a bit better… complex passages sound like they ‘make sense’ again and the rough grainy treble has got some bite without being unpleasant.

So, huge difference? No. Better with the PowerBlock? I would say so.

Before anyone picks holes in my method, this was just meant to be a 20-minute give-it-a-quick-try, not a three week research project intended for peer review!



This one?

Nearly £2k?!
I bought one second hand a long time ago for £200. It’s currently sat unused. It’s an older model, so not “signature” or anything rhodium. They are well made but if buying something new I think there are more appropriate alternatives for less £.

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The opening post said below £1000, so this must have a number of extra features not under consideration. Mine was about £250, bought on offer twenty years ago; the newer versions have a lot more refinements.

But yes, that’s the type of thing. They are indeed very well-made.

Thanks for the offer Ebor., not desperate for you to do a demo but it might be useful for your peace of mind.


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I would definitely avoid any sort of filters with Naim kit. If yiou are looking to spend that kind of money then I would urge you to listen to the Chord S6 block and the Musicworks blocks as well as anything else that takes your fancy.

Also try a Grahams Hydra and a home-made block using MK or Crabtree sockets - only you can decide if you can perceive any worthwhile improvements over these much cheaper solutions.

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I require something similar and have my eye on an Olson Electronics Sound Fantastic 8 Way PDU. £223.

Thanks for your reply PJL. As very long time Naim forum member & Naim user as I said in my OP “I think I know the answer to my question” just mildly interested if any one on here had a different experience of this product with there Naim equipment if so what.

ATB Graham.

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If someone used the above-mentioned Olsen block to plug their TV, STB, router and Cisco switch into their house ring main, would the filters and surge protection in it have any impact on a Naim system in the same room that was on a dedicated Hifi radial?

‘Sound Fantastic’ 8 Way 13A Unswitched Socket RFI Filtered Earthline Choke Transient Supressor Hi-Fi Audio PDU

• Olson’s Sound Fantastic range of power distribution units are fitted with a mains RFI filter, earthline choke, transient suppressor and screened supply cable
• UK 13A sockets with panel mounted incoming 10A fuse
• RFI 10A mains filter and surge suppressor
• External earth stud
• 2M 1.5mm² screened cable terminated with UK 13A plug (10A fuse fitted)

New catalogue has just landed; yes £549 instead of £959. The only one on the ra website is the signature one for £2k. Much more palatable at the offer price.

Has RA had a woke makeover and his products are now acceptable to the hifi community? I seem to recall in the Sound Organisation days they were frowned upon - perhaps I have false memories?

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I have tried Olson blocks, though just the standard industrial type not the Sound Fantastic one. I preferred a home made block using metal-clad unswitched double MK sockets. I think the Sound Fantastic block incorporates filtering so best avoided anyway would be my guess.


The name Sound Fantastic does indeed sound like a name a traditional electronics manufacturer would use to market a good quality block to audiophiles.

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My uncle was really into the RA stuff when I was younger. Had all sorts of expensive tweaks to improve the sound of his valve kit. I haven’t looked at the site for years and had assumed they had gone under. Not sure its become more acceptable, still looks like its full of basic products that cost £££ with improbable engineering resulting in “astonishing” / “incredible” outcomes.