Russ Andrews speaker cables

Hello all, I’m just wondering if anyone has experience of Russ Andrews speaker cables. Over the past 25 years I’ve upgraded all my components, some several times but I’m still using the same speaker cables which having just been able to read some very faded print are Chord Rumour 2. I bought these with a reasonably budget system at the time and they have always sounded fine to me with a succession of upgrades, but I’ve never auditioned any other cables.
As they have a 20% off promotion at the moment and a 60 day trial period I was thinking of trying a pair of 8PR cables, with a run of 4.5m under the floorboards they would still be nearly £400, admittedly a helluva lot less than my last equipment upgrade!
Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated.

I use kudos KS-1 easy to work with and hide.
I replaced old Linn K400 with it.
Chalk and cheese to look at. :+1:t2:


Why not ask if you can return if not happy, then buy and try (above floorboards!)?

Kimber speaker cables are best avoided with Naim amps.
To quote Richard (and there are many examples):

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Russ always discounts!

I shall look elsewhere, thanks for the info!

Maybe you should try the Naim speaker cable?

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The speakers cables that work well with Naim:

  • Naca 5
  • Tellerium
  • Kudos Ks1
  • Chord
  • Superlumina ( Naim)
  • Audience
  • Which Hat
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As you say, and there are literally hundreds if not thousands of happy posts about these on this forum.

I have used Naim, Chord and Witch Hat :woman_mage: with great results.

I use Kimber 12TC. Naim NC 300 system Focal Supra’s No2
Had 8TC but found the 12TC (3m length) had more dynamics and rhythm than the 8TC. As my dealer said.
The are bright but the Naim helped keep it under control. Had Naim A5 never worked for me. I’ve had Van Damme 6mm copper core. Nice. QED 400, not for me. Only thing that improved over the Kimber. Is Atlas Mavros. And the best was Atlas Arran, more open revealing all you would expect, big money. So far I’m with the 12TC. I do have WitchHat phantom, I think, Worked on previous system, too smooth on current system. Slightly light in the bass. A good listen if you can find them.


And Neotech Nemos 3080 (with 250DR). It is quite a bit better than naca 5.

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Which length do you have on the 3080?

I don’t remember but I think they are 3 m or possibly 2.5 when I think about it.

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And Vertere also. Glad you enjoy the Neotech. I don’t know them.

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You can add DNM to that list - very similar capacitance and inductance to NAC-A5.

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Thank you I really like their cables.

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I believe someone claimed Vertere make Superlumina range for Naim? True?


Would be fun to do a trial. I really enjoy my Oephi Ascendance here but as you know I have purchased NACA5 again. Some in here swear they are end game speaker cables so I wonder what I am missing out. I tell myself this is the last chance they get :slight_smile:

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The Naca 5 are good but not that good. :blush:

Superlumina is made in house. Meaning the cable arrives on a reel and it’s wired up by the same team making snaics etc.
There’s a complicated way of winding the cable; apparently once a long length was wound the wrong way and effectively ruined.