S600 still a good speaker?

Any views on these please running active and can you run them from 2 amps (250) until a 3rd amp is purchased as i belive you can? But could be wrong

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I run them from 2x nap 200. They are still a good speaker!

Do you link the base units together at the speaker end.
I have a pair that i am trying from tomorrow for a few weeks and just want a heads up on what to expect and what i need to run them

Mine came with a special splitter from Naim to split the loudspeaker cable for the bass units just before the loudspeaker. I would not be surprised if these splitters are still for sale with Naim.

Their bass control is exceptional when run active.

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I’ll post a photo when I’m back from business trip.

I ran Active S600 (I now have S800) for several years I liked them Active.
You can run the Bass units in parallel as a pair and the BMR from two amps or use three Amps and get more power-handling.
You also get to use the ‘floaty-snaxo’ which Naim did for the S600 and S800 speakers with internal suspended sub-chassis, which do add to performance.

They are sensitive to set-up and require a good rigid floor and at least 15 inches behind them from rear wall and plenty of room from side-walls to really sing.

Also get the torque checked with a proper torque tool - Naim can supply either directly or via Dealer the settings but I recall the Bass units were 3nm and the BMR 2nm and the underneath a mix of 3 and 2.5nm

All speakers get loose after a few years and the Ovators go a bit dull if they have not been re-torqued after about 2 years use from new. It really brings them alive and then they are still a great speaker - but not to all tastes, some hate them and some love them - a bit like all speakers, but the haters are more vocal.


We’re running S600s with a humble SN1/HC. We like them.

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Thanks will check them as have the tools to do so

I run S600s active with 3 xNAP300’s and have not found anything better up to £20k having tested all the likely suspects. Titan 707’s particularly dissapointing compared with the active Ovators.


Gerry, what kind of music do you listen? I found that 50% of the music is utterly brilliant on the Ovators, and the other half is pretty flat.

Im in love with my Ovators, but they are not without shortcomings imo.

To the O.P: don’t forget to lock the bmrs before transit and unlock them once on their final position. Same for the snaxo BMR.

Running S600s active here with 552 into floaty Snaxo into 2 x 300DR. Bass drivers in parallel via Naim Y connector. Sound fantastic though I do miss the bass of my previous home grown transmission line 4 ways from the 1970s.

Picked them up today, heavy and quite large.
Been soldiering the right connections on my speaker cables tonight and made my own Y joint for the base drivers.
Not had a chance to fire them up yet as its to late now.
Also got the bmr snaxo ready to go and warming up.
Tomorrow night should be good and then the weekend to set them up and position them a bit more properly for now until the room gets moved around a bit once decorated

Mostly rock but this will include folk rock and jazz rock.

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Yup, these are absolutely fine. I listen to quite some singer- song writer music / organ music (= hard rock) and these are cool too.

I found symphonic music lacking engagement compared to my SBL’s.

I run mine with 4x135s
They were a good upgrade from SBLs for me

I do not have that many symphonic albums, but will listen to a few to hear if they are lacking in any way.

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I had not heard of this requirement … could not do it in my room anyway

Mine are 30 cm from back wall but well clear of side walls, I find this the optimum position in my room. I have suspended flooring, but use Townshend pods underneath the speakers which made a substantial difference to SQ.

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I’m on solid stone floors but the room is smallish (~5x4 m) with the speakers just 11 cds from back wall

I used mine on suspended floor, but reinforced with extra flooring laid across 90 degrees to the main floor with an MDF 15mm sandwich in-between all glued and screwed to make a hard surface and it made a big difference.

When I moved from the S600 to the S800 I now use I had to increase the area of the floor reinforced by another 20cm into the room for the larger speaker - but I tried the old S600 on the new extended reinforcing before I replaced them for S800 - and they sounded so much cleaner in bass than I’d had before. I’d not been realizing all their potential as they do put a lot of energy into the stand and floor and really benefit from a firm surface. I think all speakers do but the S600 was a little more fussy.

The S800 is a lot larger and heavier and in many respects easier for my room as it threw the LF resonance point down in frequency and the room interaction seems easier with these.

I like the Ovators and especially Active-driven and you can achieve a lot with them after some initial care of installation.

Try very little toe-in on the speaker - almost flat into room pointing then just a few degrees until the image snaps into focus.


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