SACD player with analogue outs

I’ve just acquired a fairly big SACD collection - Stones, Dylan, lots of great jazz, some good classical - but I’ve no longer got an SACD capable player with analogue outputs.

I do have a Sony XBP700 but it’s connected to my Nova via coax, and that simply reads/outputs the CD layer, as far as I can see/hear.

I’ve had a few SACD players in the past (Marantz, Oppo, Arcam) but they’ve since moved on.

Disregarding the debate about whether I need one - nearly all my current listening is split between streaming from my Zenith or playing vinyl - which decent SACD spinner would anyone care to recommend. Budget is £500ish, for s/hand, most likely.

I have a pioneer dv656a, sounds pretty good and was highly rated at its launch. You may be able to find a s/h unit.

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Try a Marantz.

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Yes, I have a Pioneer UDP and it won’t allow a digital out , spent a long time discovering that…

It wasn’t in the 300 page manual

There is a Sony at £350

Which has SACD but my guess is that where your Nova is concerned it is digital out from the Sony for the CD and analogue out for the SACD

I had a look at Marantz and Denon but none of their players at your price have SACD

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Yes, the Sony UHD players are really good for visuals but for SACD it doesn’t work in my set up. The digital out to the Nova reads or plays the CD layer only.

My budget will probably be spent on a s/hand/ex dem unit. There’s a few Arcam CDS50 around between £500-600 and the older CDS27 for £250 approx.

Then there’s various Denon and Marantz within my s/h budget too.

I suspect you need to go the menu and output the SACD via analogue (oh put some RCA cables in )

Sony along with Phillips invented SACD so you may find it better supported on Sony products

Yes, that’s the issue: my Sony UHD only has digital outs.

Oh dear, that’s me shamefaced :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Had a look the machine I mentioned earlier, there is a vague memory from what (I think ) was told to me - that Sony because they invented SACD have different rules so they can have a digital output , whereas Pioneer didn’t invent it and can’t have a digital output

I would have a look at the on screen menu from your Sony player , and see what that can offer .

The other alternative is the bay or a firm like 2nd Hand Hi Fi (I think I’m allowed to mention them )

Why do say that Arcam have ‘moved on’? They still offer the CDS50 which plays SACD natively. It is essentially the same as the earlier CDS27 ( which I own ) but with a 32-bit ESS DAC replacing the 24-bit Burr-Brown chip. The streamer in my CDS27 is a throw-in with a basic specification that can play music from a local UPNP Server but not from Internet-based services. Maybe that aspect is improved in the CDS50? I can tell you that SACD sounds wonderful on the CDS27 which only cost me £500 from Richer Sounds; what a bargain!

McIntosh also have a range of SACD/CD players and I have been gazing lustfully at the photos on their website recently.

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A quick glance at a well known chain’s website shows the Arcam at £750 with SACD and Reavon at £699.

If it was me, I would go for the Arcam


Ha, that’s usually me!

Thanks Ian, yes I’ve scrutinised the Sony’s menu options and it’s not possible, from what my meagre tech skills can work out, to play SACD natively to my Nova.

My friend routes his Sony UHD player via HDMI to an AVR and that does play SACD, apparently.
My Nova’s HDMI won’t read the higher resolution layer of the SACD, though.

That does sound like a good option, either the older or more recent Arcam.

Sorry, I meant in the vernacular sense, that the players themselves have moved on from my set up, (ie) sold on.

I use a Denon DVD-2900, which has analog outs. The only problems I have had was the CD/DVD drawer sticking about 8 years ago. Replaced a belt, and all is like new now. I used to have a big surround setup with all Paradigm speakers for 5.1 SACD surround discs. This really upped the game as far as sound went, back in the early 2,000’s.
I wish the format would of took off, but ultimately never did.
I also have a newer Marantz blueray player that plays SACD’s/DVD audio’s, but no analog outputs on that one. It uses HDMI and optical.


Arcam cd550. 900 euros. Looks cool.


I was very tempted by both the older and newer Arcam players, but I’ve just bought a s/h Denon 1600NE, (not quite within my budget of £500) which I’m collecting this morning.

I’ll see how it works out!


I just googled Denon 1600NE and an integrated amp came up. Are you sure you bought an SACD player?

Ha, yes that’s my error, it’s the Denon DCD 1600NE.

I picked it up this morning - turns out it’s from a fellow forumite! - and it’s currently warming up nicely.

Long story but in short, the player might well be heading to my brother’s set up, as he’s also sharing the load of SACD discs I’ve recently acquired.

That said, I’ll still need a player with analogue outs, so it gives me a chance to gauge its performance against future possible alternatives.

Glad you like the player Charles64.


I’ve got the Sony UBP-X800M2 - it outputs digitally into my AVR and sounds great, especially with SACD.

Sorry it’s not an answer to the OP’s question, but you were discussing it…