Sbl on Mana Acoustic: improvement or worsening

Hi to all

I have the opportunity to purchase (with € 230) a pair of Mana Stands for my Sbl.

Is it worth it? Would I have an improvement or would I change the nature of my Sbl by making them worse?

at the moment I can’t complain about them … I don’t think there is anything out of place …

your suggestions and experiences are always valuable to me …thx

Wow brings back happy memories of my active sbls.

I went Phase 1, 3 and I think I stopped at Phase 5.
Amazing improvement with each stage.

For me they perfectly complimented the Naim sound.

Before I ought my Fraim, I searched for a Mana stand, but they are like rocking horse poo.

I was always worried of the height, but never found it an issue.

I saw a pair of sound bases alongtime ago, but no good for my Focal stand mounts.

Simply put you would be mad not to add them.

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I used Mana stands for my active SBLs for 15 years (still have them somewhere). I liked the improved definition in SQ they gave.

I have a set under my SBL’s for years. They work for me for the better.

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Hi obsydian

sorry for my ignorance … What do you mean when you say phase 3,5…??

Ahh sorry.

One soundbase, under the sbls = Phase 1
Two soundbase, under the sbls = Phase 2

And so on …

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I was at Phase 6 on the SBLs


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Over 25 years the equipment I regret selling was my CDi, SBLs and all my Mana.

Oh my god :scream:

Ok… now i understand what you mean…

I think phase1 is the final phase for me😂

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Does this not have an affect on listening position, imaging etc?

No as mentioned had no impact, I was concerned at Phase 2 it would have.

Interesting. What’s the science behind this? I thought the SBL was supposed to have solid walls AND floors.

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I have DBLs on Phase 1 (and I have another set too, but they look a bit silly on two sets and picking DBLs up and plonking them up there is beyond my ability to be arsed nowadays). Cleaner sound, easier to understand the music etc. I have no idea what the science could be.

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thx to all…

i did some research… I remembered reading something on the old forum … I managed to find it …

here is the link to an interesting post where all talk about the Mana SB under the SBLs:

The opinions are very conflicting … for someone they do their job well … for others they are to be avoided …

The idea I got is that (like everything in hi-fi) it depends on your environment and room.

I also realized that the Mana SB have not been used with protective discs (I have floating parquet flooring on solid concrete) and that it is very important to configure them at best.

So my questions are:

  • Should the Mana SB be used without any protection with the spikes on the floor to work at its best?

  • do you have a manual that best explains their setup?

Thx again, Angelo

I used Linn Skeets on parquet flooring.

People sometimes went a little overboard in their quest for the Mana effect.


Lovely jubilee

Don’t over think …

I notice a dodgy looking pipe in the lower left corner, an explanation for the whole thing maybe?

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@Adam.Meredith posted these pictures a while ago, looks like a more elegant solution to me